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The Theology Department offers master's and doctoral programs aimed at giving students an integrated approach to theological studies, emphasizing, within theological specialties, the interaction of Judaism and Christianity in antiquity, historical, systematic and ethical approaches to theology. The programs seek to develop scholars who can make significant contributions to theological research and writing and college and high school teachers who can teach a broad range of courses. This broad theological background has enabled program graduates to enjoy enviable success in securing teaching positions in over 200 colleges and universities, in church work and ministry and in a variety of other educationally related institutions.

The master of arts in Christian doctrine (M.A.C.D.) focuses on an ecumenical appropriation and communication of Christian doctrine for those teaching in Catholic high schools, for those interested in other religious education or formation programs and for persons interested in theological enrichment or in serving various other needs in religious communities.

The master of arts in theology (M.A.) is intended primarily, but not exclusively, for those who intend to pursue a doctoral degree in theology or religious studies. The degree provides professional competence in the field of theological studies.

The doctor of philosophy in religious studies (Ph.D.) is a terminal academic degree producing professional specialists in one of the following areas: Judaism and Christianity in antiquity, historical theology, systematics and theological ethics. The degree provides supporting competence in the other areas as well.

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Application Requirements

M.A. and M.A.C.D. Applicants:

Ph.D. Applicants:


Application Deadline

Financial Aid

The Department of Theology draws on the University's considerable financial aid resources to offer a variety of assistance opportunities to qualified students. These resources include teaching assistantships (TA), research assistantships (RA), minority student fellowships, graduate teaching fellowships, dissertation fellowships, M.A.C.D. scholarship, Smith family fellowships, Arthur J. Schmitt fellowships, John P. Raynor, S.J. fellowships, and Marquette University scholarships. For a comprehensive listing of merit-based aid (graduate assistantships/fellowships) please visit the departmental financial aid web page

Private scholarships may also be available. U.S. citizens and permanent residents may be eligible to apply for need-based federal aid (loans) to help fund their educational expenses as well.


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