Brian Ruark

Brian L. Ruark

Senior Director of Development, East Coast

What is your favorite thing about working for Marquette University?
My favorite thing about working at Marquette is the people, including our loyal alumni, dedicated faculty, talented students and generous donors, as well as my colleagues in University Advancement. Although I did not attend Marquette, I feel that I have received a Marquette education by “osmosis” just through my contact with alumni and students. I enjoy the interactions, hearing stories about Marquette’s past and present, and building relationships with those who love Marquette.

How would you rate your Marquette experience?
The past six years at Marquette have been terrific. When I arrived at Marquette, I immediately felt as though I had an “extended family” made up of my colleagues, alumni and others involved with Marquette. I kept hearing from people that “this place is special,” and it did not take me long to realize just how true that was.

How have you been able to grow personally and professionally at Marquette?
Throughout my career at Marquette, I have grown and developed considerably, thanks to the leadership and mentorship that Marquette fosters. Marquette’s commitment to its employees is not just lip-service; I feel that the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis, or caring for the whole person, applies not only to how Marquette treats its students, but also its employees.

What do you feel Marquette contributes most to Milwaukee?
Marquette contributes incredible intellectual capital to the City of Milwaukee and to this region. First and foremost, our alumni go on to be fantastic leaders in this community. In addition, Marquette has helped the development of downtown Milwaukee, especially along the Wisconsin Avenue corridor. Marquette students and staff commit thousands of hours of community service to our neighborhood.


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