William P. O'Brien

William P. O’Brien

Senior Advancement Knowledge Officer

As you look back over your last 26 years of employment at Marquette University, how have you grown personally and professionally?
Professionally, I have taken part in many opportunities to acquire and exercise new skills. In addition, I have been able to weave my passion for history into many of my regular tasks. When we have alumni events on campus, for example, I enjoy showing our graduates how campus has changed by giving them tours. Often they learn facts they never knew when they were students. On a personal level, I have made many new friends at Marquette, including my wonderful wife, Lois.

Why have you chosen to make a long career at Marquette?
I truly enjoy the chance to critically aid an educational endeavor like Marquette University, where we strive to provide a first-rate educational experience in an atmosphere of care and faith. I have been able to see the impact my work in development has had on the university, and it is gratifying to see my research and reports make a real difference.

How do you keep “fresh” in your career?
Each day, I am surrounded by an atmosphere where discovery and the sharing of knowledge are essential. This helps me to continually learn, always asking questions. The University Advancement team is multivariate and burgeoning, offering a plethora of growth opportunities that help motivate me professionally. When you work for an institution that cherishes learning, it’s not too difficult to find inspiration.


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