Genyne L. Edwards, Law '00

Tracy Josetti

Director of Regional Development, Milwaukee

How does Marquette University’s mission impact you in your daily work?
I am a firm believer in mission being the guiding force of all I do. I am extremely proud to work for an institution that values excellence, faith, leadership and service. Sometimes, my hectic daily tasks overshadow my purpose, and during those times, I find it particularly important to look to the mission for direction.

What is particularly rewarding for you professionally about working in higher education?

Prior to working at Marquette, I was employed in the public relations department for a local hospital. That experience was heavily rooted in event-based fundraising rather than establishing one-on-one relationships with key individuals. At Marquette, we rely heavily on our alumni and parents who have had a direct relationship with the university. That one-on-one relationship building is both rewarding and inspiring.  Generally, if people had a good college experience — and Marquette's alumni certainly seem to! — they will want to stay connected with their alma mater.


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