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Protecting your privacy

Please be advised that the information you self-report on this page may be shared with scholarship benefactors. We will not release any information about your class schedule, grades, grade point average, academic standing or the amount of your scholarship through the Scholarship Thank You Program. Only information that you provide on this page will be communicated to your scholarship benefactor. (We will not share your email address, cell phone number or MUID.) We will send your letter to your scholarship benefactor (or benefactors if you received multiple awards) along with letters from other recipients of the scholarship. Your completion of this form authorizes Marquette University to release this limited information to this specific audience.

We will use your Marquette ID photo. If you'd like us to use a different photo, please email Donor Relations at See an example of what your completed letter will look like.

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Your thank-you form

It truly will mean so much to your scholarship benefactor to receive this note of appreciation from you. This is your chance to personally express your gratitude for the scholarship support your receive.

Please complete the following questions using these guidelines:
- Use the questions below simply to get you started on what to write. Steer away from mentioning activities that may not be appropriate to share in this context, such as nights on the town.
- Be sincere and thoughtful. This is your opportunity for your scholarship benefactor to get to know you.
- Know that inappropriate, neglectful, incomplete or short/two-word responses will be shared with your dean's office and the Office of Student Financial Aid.

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You can help in so many ways: scholarships for bright students who could not afford a Marquette education on their own, support for programs that help students explore their faith, and so much more. Learn more about how your gift makes a difference.