Josu� L�pez

Josu� L�pez

EOP, McCollow Scholarship � awarded through the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Baird Book Scholarship


“Donating to scholarship is like investing in stock: there is risk but the upside potential is limitless.”

A 2010 graduate from the College of Business Administration in Finance and Applied Investment Management, Chicago native Josué López speaks from experience when he talks about reaping the benefits of scholarship aid. As a recipient of a grant from the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and a McCollow Scholarship awarded through the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Josué says, “The support has meant a lot to me. Without it, I would not have accomplished the goals I set for myself thus far.” He is the first in his family of seven to go to a four-year college and paying for his education was an ongoing challenge for the López family. Health issues within the family have further complicated matters, making this past year particularly difficult. Yet the family continues to persevere, knowing that their sacrifice to help Josué and his sister Maritza, a Marquette sophomore, are worth it.


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Clearly, Josué inherited his family’s determination. Shying away from obstacles is not part of his character:

“Coming from a background that some may label as ‘underprivileged’ has undoubtedly helped make me hungry for success in all areas of life, whether they be economically, service, relationship or job-oriented. One of the keys to that success has been and will continue to be the education I receive at Marquette. My successes are not merely a reflection of my accomplishments, but also a credit to those who have been there for me and helped me along the way. It is clear to me that without scholarship support, I would not have been able to attend Marquette. Giving someone a Marquette education encompasses much more than schoolwork. It allows them to grow in servant leadership, honesty and ethics. There truly is no dollar value that can be placed on the intrinsic value of a Marquette education.”

His future plans also include growing the investment that others made in his education. “Down the line, when it is financially appropriate for me to do so,” he says, “I definitely plan on giving back to those who have helped me develop and grow by opening doors for those needing assistance for their education.”


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