Alexander Dexter Johnson

Alex Johnson

Evans Scholars Fund


“A scholarship was the only way I’d be able to attend college.”

Alex Johnson is a junior from Chicago studying broadcast and electronic communication and corporate communication—made possible through a generous scholarship from the Evans Scholars Fund.


Alexander Dexter JohnsonAlex Johnson
Evans Scholars Fund

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“I am able to go to class every morning, and I don't have to worry about how I am going to be able to afford such an amazing place. Instead I am able to focus all of my attention on the educational tasks at hand. Because of my financial support, I have the ability to put my personal earnings toward food, books, club membership dues and some philanthropic organizations. I spend less time worrying about expenses due to a lack of funds. I have time to pursue my dreams and passions all because of scholarship.”

Alex does not take for granted the support that makes his Marquette experience possible. “These gifts are the miracles that parents and students are constantly praying for. There are so many students like me who would not be here if not for some type of financial aid or scholarship gift. These gifts are the only options some of us have. Donating toward a scholarship is more than just giving money, it is realizing dreams.”

As a condition of his scholarship, Alex is expected to continue to excel academically and to participate in campus activities and community service. Involvement in Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and the National Kidney Foundation have all been a part of Alex’s Marquette experience. His scholarship also gives him the freedom to participate in a wide variety of Marquette activities from Black Student Council and intramural volleyball to hyPErformance Dance Co., which provides Alex a creative outlet and the opportunity to get out in the greater Milwaukee community—a chance for him to demonstrate that Marquette is more than just an academic institution and encourages its students to excel in all aspects of their lives.

Alex finds his education both challenging and rewarding. “The rigor of academics may not be easy,” he says, “but the university has taught me that perfection is a goal and in order to be better you must first be able to see your flaws.” In adopting Marquette’s core values of excellence, faith, leadership and service as his own, Alex affirms, “Faith comes first. Leadership, service and excellence naturally seem to follow if there is faith.”

Continuing the practice of excellence and service is part of Alex’s future plans. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a graduate degree in communication at the University of Southern California. While in California, he would also like to make an honest living acting and modeling, using his earnings to start his own foundations to support animal rights and Lupus research.


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