Emily Hoffmann

Emily Hoffmann

Ignatius Scholarship for Excellence, and Arts and Sciences Scholarship


“Less undergraduate debt will allow me to pursue Law School or serve in a non-profit organization after graduation.”

Emily Hoffmann is a junior from Mauston, Wisconsin, majoring in International Affairs. While she’s been awarded both an Ignatius Scholarship for Excellence and an Arts and Sciences scholarship for academic achievement and excellence, she attributes them as the means to an end to attend Marquette. Emily recognizes that “it would have been nearly impossible for me to attend Marquette—and receive the excellent education that I have found here—without the generous support of the many scholarship donors that have helped fund my higher education. Because of their gifts, not only have I been able to attend the university of my choice, but I have also been able to fully concentrate on my studies. I know that when I leave Marquette I will have more opportunities than just paying off debts.  I am able to consider other paths that would not have existed for me.”


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The pursuit of higher education is a value that has been passed down through the generations in Emily’s family. Her grandfather was the first of 12 children to graduate from high school and then college. Emily is blazing her own trails as well. She was her high school’s valedictorian and has been accepted into Marquette's Pre-Law Scholars Program. She now has the flexibility to decide whether she will attend Law School upon graduation, work for a non-profit organization or explore the world first.

Besides her academic achievements, Emily is also involved with Pre-Law Scholars Society, Gospel Choir, Marquette University Player's Society (MUPS), Alpha Chi Omega and Habitat for Humanity. Talking about her experiences with Habitat for Humanity, Emily says, “I have been involved with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Program. I traveled to Guatemala to help construct homes for families in need. I was able to experience culture, meet beautiful people, apply my Spanish skills and develop a wider world view. These lessons are invaluable.”

Looking at all of the opportunities she has because of her Marquette experience, Emily would like to see the legacy of scholarships continue at Marquette: “An investment in supporting scholarships is an investment in students’ education—in bright young minds ready and willing to absorb the wealth of information shared in and out of the classroom. These industrious young people are eager for the opportunities that a donor can help provide for them. New and exciting prospects await our society and its future—we students can help bring these about, and donors help bring our students to higher education.”

In her short time at Marquette, Emily has grown much more than she could have first imagined. As she puts it, “Developing into an independent, responsible, and caring adult is not ever an easy task, but at Marquette, with guidance, friends and countless opportunities available, the undertaking is less daunting and the possibilities ahead for me and others are innumerable. Marquette teaches beyond the basics of education, encouraging the full growth of its students as the new leaders of tomorrow.”


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