Liz Heth

Liz Heth

Burke Scholar


A gift to a Marquette student immediately supports the student, but will ultimately benefit an unlimited number of individuals when the student takes her education grounded in faith and service and uses it to influence the world.”

With both parents in the business of caring—her father is a veterinarian and her mother has practiced occupational therapy and polysomnography, the monitoring of physiological sleep activity—Liz Heth, a senior nursing student from Mineral Point, Wisconsin, seems destined to follow in her family’s footsteps. Last summer this path took Liz to Costa Rica where she taught English, worked at the local clinic, promoted health at a local school, planned and help paint a school mural and designed activities for the other students in the study abroad program. On top of this, Liz studied medical Spanish, intercultural care with Latino patients and Costa Rica’s healthcare system and health crises—and she even made time to attend two classes!


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Liz HethLiz Heth
Burke Scholar

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As a Burke Scholar, Liz has more than lived up to the expectations of leadership and service. No stranger to service on the home front, Liz is or has been involved with the Campus Kitchens Project at Marquette, Marquette Neighborhood Health Center, Casa Romero Community Center, Marquette University Student Nurses Association, Hunger Cleanup and Marquette's Clinic for Women and Children.

With the benefit of scholarship aid, Liz has been able to get the most out of her education while at the same time giving back to her community as well.

“Because of scholarship support, I have the means to use my efforts to help the community and to expand my nursing education. Instead of working in my free time, I am able to more fully understand some of the disparities faced by members of the community, particularly the Latina girls in my art class who must forego the opportunities of their youth to act as the primary translator for their families. Personally, these experiences of serving the community have opened my eyes not only to the vast amount of problems which our cities and the world are now facing, but they have also shown me that solutions are not impossible. I am learning to construct solutions.”

Liz believes that the benefits of her scholarship and Marquette education will prepare her for the future. “My real work—and the biggest effect of scholarship support—will begin when I leave Marquette and take what I have learned away with me and begin to use it to make positive differences in the lives of individuals who have not had the opportunities I have had.”

While her post-graduate plans are still not set, Liz sees herself as a woman for others. She would like to spend a year or two working in an inner-city hospital or free clinic to gain practical nursing experience. Later, she would like to concentrate on international healthcare for underserved populations and pursue a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Ultimately, Liz hopes to work with immigrant women and spend time overseas in the worldwide effort to provide quality healthcare to all.


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