“I am so grateful to the mentoring program. My mentor couldn’t be more perfect. He's been a wonderful and responsible guide through the labyrinth of university life and culture and, importantly, the ins and outs of tenure and promotion.”

~Second-year Assistant Professor

“My mentor is a great listener, and because she is from another college, she has a viewpoint that is unique from other senior faculty I know. I also really appreciate
the confidentiality of our conversations.”

~Up for tenure in two years

“My faculty mentor has taken a sincere interest in my career, and while we do not meet very often (perhaps a couple times per semester), I find that time to be quite fruitful. I have appreciated the fact that he is generous with wisdom but temperate with specific advice.”

~Assistant Professor, Theology

“I have really benefited from getting a fresh, but experienced, perspective on the challenges that I am facing as a junior faculty member. I value hearing another woman’s perspective on how to juggle multiple demands, priorities, and situations.”

~Second-year Assistant Professor

“The afternoon of my first meeting with my mentor, I submitted an article I had been sitting on for months. Talking with someone about the processes of academe—even though I basically already know them—helped me to be reassured! Getting encouragement from someone who has been in my shoes motivated me to focus on what needed to be done.”

~Third-year Assistant Professor


What mentors like about FMP:

Hearing about academic life in a different department.

Sharing teaching ideas.

The nice rapport built between us—it’s a great source of enjoyment.

The opportunity to exchange ideas with an enthusiastic young scholar.

Staying involved at personal and professional levels with concerns of junior faculty outside my department and college.

Getting to know a young faculty member, offering advice, and experiencing genuine enthusiasm for "doing good works."

It’s just nice to get to know a young faculty member from outside my college, and feel that I’m helping, in some small way, to make Marquette a better experience for her.