Past Circles:

These small, informal, one-time discussion groups focus on topics of interest to junior faculty. They respond to the reality that no one mentor can be an expert on everything a mentee may need or want to know, especially in a program like ours, which matches mentors and mentees across disciplines.

What's the purpose?

The groups are designed to foster open exchanges and to draw on a number of people’s experiences with a wide variety of topics and issues. They enable discussion among assistant professors who might not otherwise be aware of their common interests or concerns.

Ideally, these sessions will spark ideas and friendships, and those who attend will become an informal support network.

Who's invited?

All assistant professors in the Marquette community are invited, regardless of whether they are formally being mentored, as well as senior faculty who are serving as mentors. (A reminder: junior faculty participation in the Faculty Mentor Program (FMP) is kept confidential, to be disclosed only by mentees, at their discretion.)

What about timing? The director makes every effort to schedule the STMCs at times convenient for people who have expressed particular interest in the subject matter. RSVPs are needed so that refreshments can be arranged.

Ideas? The subject matter for Mentoring Circles arises from faculty questions and concerns, so please email the FMP director to suggest a circle topic. The lists of current and previous topics may prompt some ideas. With sufficient interest and available resource people, these may be repeated in the months ahead. Let the Director know what interests you.