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Image of St. Ignatius














Image of St. Ignatius















Spiritual Care and Formation:

Through a variety of retreats and spiritual groups, the Faber Center assists faculty and staff as they strive to live more spiritual, reflective, and intentional lives.  The source of these programs is the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  Through the Exercises and the programs based around them, faculty and staff are given the opportunity to become more aware of God and the Holy around them, and discover the unique ways they are being called to respond to such an encounter.  Some programs include:



Intellectual Engagement:

The Faber Center recognizes Ignatian Spirituality’s contribution to intellectual pursuits. The center creates a setting where Ignatian Spirituality can serve as a dialogue partner with other disciplines.  Conversations of faith with science, politics, literature, and ethics are just a sample of the types of interactions that take place.  Through lectures, book discussions, and educational programs, the Faber Center brings Ignatian Spirituality to the public dimension of the university. Some programs include:




Education as Social Transformation:

St. Ignatius believed that education was at the service of the common good.  Jesuit colleges and universities were a means of transforming societies for the betterment of humanity.  The Faber Center strives to support this vision of Jesuit Education.  Through our programs we take a global perspective on the compelling issues of our day and approach them in a thoughtful and reflective manner.  Our efforts are directed towards helping faculty and staff develop their leadership skills that find expression in service to others.  Our current focus is on homelessness and immigration. Some programs include:








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Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius

The exercises are a pathway to recognizing God's activity in our deepest desires and growing in unity with God. Emerging from the experience of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, the Exercises provide a structured opportunity to mature in spiritual freedom and make choices that are responsive to God's call in one's life.