A silent, preached retreat open to faculty and staff of all faith traditions and beliefs.  Additional information can be found at http://www.mu.edu/faber/Fall2013Retreat.shtml   Space is limited. 

On-line registration begins Monday, September 16th.


We all know what “busy” means and it’s the busyness that’s often the reason for not taking the time to “retreat.”  This retreat, designed for both beginners as well as those already immersed in their spiritual journey, invites us to slow down from the hectic pace of life, to take time for our self, our God and prayer. The schedule is flexible to accommodate your busy schedule!  Register by Friday, September 13, at 288-4545 or FaberCenter@marquette.edu


The Christian Season of Advent calls people to find  hope in the midst of their stressful lives.  It is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the coming of our Lord. Join with the Faber Center and campus colleagues for a morning of reflection in preparation for the Gift  that is Christmas. Register by Monday, December 2nd. at 288-4545 or e-mail FaberCenter@marquette.edu


Co-sponsored with Campus Ministry, this six-day silent retreat is based on the retreat model offered by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the Spiritual Exercises.  Along with daily meetings with a spiritual director to help process and guide the retreat, individuals will have freedom in forming the overall pattern of his or her retreat.  As a silent, individual retreat, there are plenty of opportunities for personal prayer, reflection, rest, and time outdoors.  For additional  information, see the Campus Ministry website http://www.mu.edu/cm/faith/retreats/silent_directed and/or contact Michael Dante at michael.dante@marquette.edu or 288-5059.   Register by December 20, 2013.


The Faber Center offers an opportunity to meet regularly  (at a mutually suitable time) with a spiritual director, someone with whom to talk and reflect on the invitations and experiences we encounter that lead us to grow into a deeper awareness  of that which is sacred and meaningful in our lives.







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Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius

The exercises are a pathway to recognizing God's activity in our deepest desires and growing in unity with God. Emerging from the experience of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, the Exercises provide a structured opportunity to mature in spiritual freedom and make choices that are responsive to God's call in one's life.