German Major at Marquette

What Can You Do With a Major in German?

German major careers and jobs

What can you do with a major in German? This major prepares graduates to succeed in a variety of careers, including education, international affairs and business. About a third of our graduates pursue further education in law, medical or graduate school.

Jobs for German majors

Job prospects vary by field, but the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22 percent increase in jobs for interpreters and translators through 2018, much higher than the average for other occupations. You'll find Marquette's German majors working in the following fields:

  • multinational firms
  • international banks
  • foreign service
  • teaching in the United States and abroad
  • translating and interpreting
  • international news agencies
  • airlines

You'll find them in law, medical or graduate school at places such as:

  • Cornell University
  • Florida State University
  • Georgia State University
  • Harvard University
  • Marquette University
  • Michigan State University
  • Northwestern University
  • Temple University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Wisconsin
  • University of Florida


You might like the German major if you

✓ like German language and culture

✓ have strong written and spoken communication skills

✓ are interested in studying abroad

What is the major in German?

German In today's rapidly changing world, there is intense demand for women and men who understand other cultures and can communicate in more languages than their own. They know that a new language is an open door into very different ways of living and understanding the world.

What is the major in German?

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