Environmental engineering Major at Marquette

What Can You Do With a Major in Environmental Engineering?

Environmental engineering major careers and jobs

What can you do with a major in environmental engineering? Our graduates are prepared to work in environmental management for industry, regulatory positions in government and industry, and engineering consulting, as well as research and teaching in higher education. You can make a real difference in the environment by using your training to plan, design and construct water supply and treatment systems, air pollution controls, and waste management systems, as well as help manage lakes, rivers and streams.

Jobs for environmental engineering majors

Jobs for civil engineers (which includes the sub-specialty of environmental engineering) are expected to grow by 24 percent through 2018, much faster than the average for other occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of our graduates go directly to graduate school or work as environmental engineers with industries, municipalities and consulting firms. Others go to law or medical school.

Recent employers of Marquette environmental engineering majors include:

  • CH2M Hill
  • Cowhey, Gudmundson, Leder, Ltd.
  • HNTB
  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
  • MWH Americas
  • Symbiont
  • Veolia Environmental Services
  • Williamsburg Environmental Group


You might like the Environmental engineering major if you

✓ Are strong in math and science

✓ Enjoy the interplay of biology, chemistry and physics

✓ Are interested in problem-solving

✓ Have a creative, imaginative mind

✓ Appreciate the environment

What is a major in Environmental engineering?

Environmental engineering The environmental engineering major is concerned with sustainable management of our surroundings and protection of human health using scientific and engineering principles.

What a major in environmental engineering?

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