Criminology Major at Marquette

What Can You Do With a Major in Criminology?

Criminology major careers and jobs

The major in criminology prepares students for the challenges of living and working in a complex and changing criminal justice field. Undergraduates with this major are widely sought after because of their ability to assess how race, social class, gender, and age affect our laws and legal systems. Our students frequently pursue careers in a variety of criminal justice and human service agencies, apply to law school or pursue advanced degrees in criminology.

Jobs for criminology majors

What can you do with a major in criminology? Marquette’s criminology majors typically work in law enforcement or corrections and at every level of the court system in such areas as:

  • juvenile justice
  • probation and parole
  • offender rehabilitation
  • municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement
  • industrial security
  • public administration
  • victim services

Marquette's criminology majors also go on to graduate studies at institutions, including:

  • University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
  • Loyola Chicago

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You might like the Criminology major if you

✓ Enjoy social studies

✓ Are committed to the search for truth and social justice

What is a major in Criminology?

CriminologyThe criminology major moves beyond simple fascination to investigate causes and prevention of criminal behavior, as well as the meaning and application of the legal process, law enforcement, court management and correctional treatment, as each affects the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

What is the major in criminology?

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