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FAQs about the waiting list

Why was I placed on the waiting list?

This has been one of the most competitive admission cycles in Marquette history; we have received more than 24,000 applications for our freshman class. Consequently, a number of students have been offered space on our waiting list. A waiting list offer is not a denial of admission at this time. All waiting list candidates will be reviewed for admission should space become available in our freshman class.

How do I let Marquette know I am accepting a spot on the waiting list?

Complete the form above.

How long do I have until I must decide if I want to accept a waiting list space?

If you choose to accept a waiting list space you must notify the admissions office online no later than the date in your decision letter. If you do not respond by this date, we will withdraw your application for admission.

How many people are on the waiting list?

At this time we do not yet know how many people are on the waiting list. You have until the date printed in your decision letter to add yourself to the waiting list. The number of students choosing to accept a space has varied from year to year.

What number am I on the waiting list?

The waiting list at Marquette is not ranked. All students accepting a waiting list space will be considered for admission to the university should space become available in our colleges.

How likely is it that I will be moved off the waiting list?

This will depend on the number of spaces, if any, that will open in each of our colleges. It is difficult to predict how many students may be offered admission. You are encouraged to submit additional transcripts, letter(s) of recommendation and/or a letter of interest for the committee to review should space become available in our freshman class. Send additional information to admissions@marquette.edu (preferred method) or to Undergraduate Admissions, PO Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881.

Should I apply for scholarships or financial aid?

Yes. You should continue to apply for Marquette scholarships and file for financial aid. Should you be accepted from the waiting list, any awards and financial aid will then apply. If you do not apply for scholarships and aid, none will be awarded.

What about the May 1 Deposit Deadline?

You may be notified of your decision after the May 1 deposit deadline. This is not unusual for students on a waiting list. If you are admitted, you will be given a new deposit deadline and you will be guaranteed on-campus housing, even if your decision comes after May 1.

Waiting list history.

The waiting list information presented below should be used as a general guide. As admission and waiting list offers are as much art as science, the actual number of offers, students accepting a space and those eventually offered admission will vary greatly from year to year as well as by college/program.

Incoming class of 2014 — 5187 waiting list offers, 1778 students accepted a space on the list, 
793 offered admission

Incoming class of 2013 — 4358 waiting list offers, 1693 students accepted a space on the list, 
818 offered admission

Incoming class of 2012 — 3789 waiting list offers, 1459 students accepted a space on the list, 
505 offered admission


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