Scholarship Competition
What's on the exam?

Preparing for the exams

There is nothing to study or prepare for the exams. We recommend bringing a favorite pen or pencil with you. We'll ask general knowledge questions that high school students should know. Many exams are comprised of essay or short answer sections. The exams are deisgned to be challenging but not impossible.


Klingler College of Arts & Sciences

  • Biology: This comprehensive examination covers topics of introductory college biology.
  • Chemistry: This comprehensive examination covers topics of standard secondary school chemistry. Scientific calculators are allowed, but no graphing calculators or any calculator that allows storage of formulas is allowed.
  • English: This essay examination covers prose and poetry.
  • Foreign language (French, German, Latin or Spanish): A substantial part of the test involves listening comprehension. Students will listen to statements and respond on an answer sheet. The other part is a written multiple-choice test.
    Note: • You are not eligible if you are a native speaker (or equivalent) in the language tested. • The Latin exam does not include a listening comprehension section.
  • U.S. history: This two-part examination comprises 100 multiple-choice questions and three essay questions. Material will include U.S. history from 1607 to 1977.
  • Mathematics: This examination comprises multiple-choice questions and problem-solving, covering standard secondary school math subject matter through precalculus. Calculators are not permitted.
  • Physics: This multiple-choice exam covers topics in introductory physics, including mechanics and elementary thermodynamics. You will need a calculator.

College of Business Administration

  • The examination combines essay and objective questions in a variety of formats, testing verbal and quantitative skills and basic business knowledge. Calculators are not permitted.

Diederich College of Communication

  • Students competing for the communication scholarships will write an essay on an assigned topic. Theatre Arts examinees should review the Theatre Arts listing below.

College of Education

  • Students competing for these scholarships will participate in an interview and write an essay on an assigned topic.

College of Engineering

  • The examination will be a combination of mathematics and science questions in a variety of formats. Calculators are not permitted. A photo ID is required.

College of Health Sciences

  • Biomedical sciences: The examination covers topics in mathematics and the natural sciences and includes a brief essay. Bring a calculator.
  • Clinical laboratory science: The examination is a comprehensive overview of biology and chemistry (multiple-choice and essay questions). Bring a calculator.
  • Exercise physiology/athletic training: The examination covers topics in mathematics and the natural sciences and includes a brief essay. Bring a calculator.
  • Speech pathology and audiology: The examination is an essay on the field of human communication and speech-language pathology. Bring a calculator.

College of Nursing

  • The examination is comprised of a mathematical exam and a group exercise. Calculators are not permitted.

Theatre Arts

Students competing for the theatre scholarships are invited to participate in the Theatre Training and Audition Day with performing arts faculty from 9:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Students auditioning as actors or directors should prepare two contrasting monologues, not to exceed three minutes together.
  • Students auditioning as singers or dancers should prepare one monologue and one song (one verse) and/or a choreographed piece, not to exceed three minutes together.
  • Students interested in theatre design, both technical and management, should be prepared for a portfolio review and interview.

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The value of a Marquette Education

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