Engineering Ethics minor at Marquette

Engineering Ethics Minor

A total of 22 credits is needed to complete the interdisciplinary minor.

Basic requirements:

  • Philosophy of Human Nature
  • Theory of Ethics
  • Introduction to Theology

Final course requirements include three credit hours from the following list of courses:

Topics in Biomedical Engineering: Finance 
Decent and Affordable Housing
Health, Environment and Infrastructure in Latin America

Plus six additional credit hours from the following:

Contemporary Ethical Problems
Business Ethics
Technology and the Human Condition
Environmental Philosophy
Medical Ethics
Health Care Systems
Social Inequality
Introduction to Social Welfare and Justice
Christian Discipleship
Theology and the Natural Sciences
Foundations of Ecological Ethics
Medical Ethics
Business and Its Environment 
Topics in Biomedical Engineering: Finance
Decent and Affordable Housing
Health, Environment and Infrastructure in Latin America

Students are also required to participate in four one-credit ENEV colloquia:

Ethics and Values Colloquium 1
Ethics and Values Colloquium 2
Ethics and Values Colloquium 3
Ethics and Values Colloquium 4

Engineering ethics

Engineering EthicsThe minor in engineering ethics and values gives engineering students the opportunity to understand the impact of Christian, Catholic and Jesuit values on engineering ethics, recognize current engineering ethical issues, and strengthen their moral resolve to act courageously on these issues once they enter the engineering profession.

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