Critical Literacies

NOTE: Concerns about enrolling in English 1001 or 1002 should be directed to Wendy Walsh at 414-288-7520.

What Makes Writing Important?

The First-Year English Program at Marquette University is designed to help students learn to communicate effectively. To that end, the program develops students' reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills via critical literacy, which is the ability to express ideas, values and beliefs effectively in a variety of situations. To foster Critical Literacy, the FYE Program offers a two-course writing sequence: English 1001, Rhet/Comp 1, Academic Literacy, and English 1002, Rhet/Comp 2, Public Sphere Literacy.           

Learning Outcomes

The six credits of English 1001 and 1002 together satisfy the learning outcomes of the Rhetoric Knowledge Area of the University Core of Common Studies, which stipulate that at the completion of core studies the student will be able to:

  1. Use rhetorical strategies and processes to analyze and compose texts
  2. Produce effective written, visual and oral texts, given diverse purposes, genres and audiences
  3. Explain the importance of ethics in academic, civic, and professional applications of rhetoric

English 1001, Rhetoric and Composition 1, Academic Literacy (more details)

Students learn to:

English 1002, Rhetoric and Composition 2, Public Sphere Literacy (more details) Students learn to

Writing Resources

Jesuit Mission

Marquette University's First-year English Program offers students ways of understanding the world and acting within their communities, via language, for the greater good of all. Thus, the FYE Program serves MU’s Jesuit mission of creating women and men for others.


Contact Information:

Dr. Jenn Fishman, Director of FYE effective January 1, 2016
Marquette Hall 115C; 414.288.3467

Kathryn Hendrickson, Ph.D., Assistant Director of FYE
Marquette Hall 115D; 414.288.1553


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