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Honors Program

Overview of the Honors Program

The primary goal of the Honors Program is to offer students a transformative learning experience that provides more than a knowledge base and set of skills that can influence their interactions with the world. Rather, the Honors curriculum is deliberately designed to foster a way of seeing, thinking, valuing and behaving that necessarily influences a student's interactions because it has become an authentic and intrinsic element of his or her identity and humanity. We cultivate such transformational learning by creating academic situations that (a) bring students in closer contact with their teachers and peers (b) engage topics and issues in greater depth, subtlety and complexity than is possible in larger non-honors courses that necessarily must serve a wider range of learning levels (c) place more of the impetus for learning on the individual student themselves and (d) allow for a more individualized realization of educational objectives.

The Honors Program foundation courses are either specially designated sections of university core courses (e.g., PHIL 1001 or 2310) or are courses that have been specially created by departments for the Honors Program (e.g., ENGL 1301 and 1302). Smaller than ordinary, restricted to Honors Program students, and taught by instructors aware of and committed to the educational ideals of the Honors Program, both types of foundation courses enrich the student's core curricular experience and provide an important foundation for participation in Honors Program seminar series.

Honors Program foundation courses

During the first and second years, Honors Program students are required to take eight foundation courses (total of 24 credit hours). These courses are either (a) honors sections of university core courses or (b) are courses that have been specially created by departments for the Honors Program (the latter also satisfies university core requirements). Required foundation courses and credits are listed below:

Honors Program seminar series

Each year, honors students are required to take one course in the Honors Program seminar series. These seminars build progressively upon earlier honors experiences to nurture the type of intellectual acuity, independence, and maturity characteristic of Honors Program graduates. Note that all seminars can be taken either semester except for HOPR 1953, which is offered only in the fall semester.

For complete details on the Marquette University Honors Program please visit the Honors website.

See the Honors Program section of the Undergraduate Bulletin for information about a four-year course plan for honor students and/or contact Chris Perez, assistant dean for academic affairs.


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