The following research activities are ongoing in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Many projects involve collaborations with faculty at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Zablocki VA Medical Center.



Modeling and computation

Medical devices


Rehabilitative bioengineering

We have rapidly emerged as one the strongest programs in rehabilitative bioengineering ...

  1. Orthopaedic and rehabilitation engineering
    Administered through the Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Engineering Center (OREC), research opportunities exist in motion analysis, orthopaedic biomaterials and rehabilitation engineering ...
  2. Human motion analysis
    The human motion analysis laboratory is clinically structured to evaluate adult, foot and ankle, pediatric, sports medicine, and total joint patients during ambulation ...
  3. Neurorehabilitation
    The Neurorehabilitation Center serves research and development activities in neurorehabilitation, investigating optimal intervention strategies for movement therapy. Target populations are stroke and spinal cord injury and, to a lesser extent, cerebral palsy and autism ...
  4. Telerehabilitation and performance assessment
    Research is devoted to developing and putting into clinical practice a range of telehealth technologies and modes for wireline and wireless telecommunications ...
  5. Rehabilitation robotics
  6. Prosthetics

Functional magnetic resonance imaging and neuroimaging

Faculty at Marquette and MCW are engaged in research related to functional imaging of organ physiology. Functional imaging is an interdisciplinary activity that allows scientists, engineers and physicians to simultaneously quantifying the structural and functional aspects of a biological system ...

Physiology and functional imaging of the lung

Studies are designed to determine the nature of the damage to pulmonary circulation in terms of the nervous and chemical control of the pulmonary vascular muscle ...

The Keck Center for Microfocal Angiography possesses unique capabilities for X-ray microfocal imaging research ...

Medical imaging systems

The Medical Imaging Systems Laboratory focuses on the design and optimization of medical imaging technologies. Systems-level research is performed using computer simulation methods and experiments in collaboration with radiologists, physicists and engineers at the Zablocki VA Medical Center, the Medical College of Wisconsin and Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital.

Cardiovascular physiology and computational fluid dynamics

Faculty in the biomedical engineering department are using functional imaging, mathematical modeling and instrumentation design to develop implantable devices, such as stents, to treat cardiovascular disease in both pediatric and adult populations ...

Biotelemetry and implantable electronic devices

In conjunction with industry sponsors, research focuses on the design and prototype development of several implantable and external biomedical devices ...


This research integrates human psychophysics, functional imaging and biologically constrained modeling to investigate the neural representation of visual information for perception and action in the human brain ...


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