Our highly distinguished faculty include core department members (regular faculty) as well as research, associate and adjunct faculty affiliates.

Regular faculty

Dr. Said H. Audi
Associate professor of biomedical engineering
E-mail: said.audi@marquette.edu

Dr. Scott A. Beardsley
Associate professor of biomedical engineering
E-mail: scott.beardsley@marquette.edu

Dr. Taly Gilat-Schmidt
Associate professor of biomedical engineering
E-mail: tal.gilat-schmidt@marquette.edu

Dr. Jay Goldberg, P.E.
Director of the healthcare technologies management program, Lafferty Professor of Engineering and clinical professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department
E-mail: jay.goldberg@marquette.edu

Dr. Gerald F. Harris, P.E.
Professor of biomedical engineering and director of the Orthopaedic Research and Rehabilitation Engineering Center
E-mail: gerald.harris@marquette.edu

Dr. Dean C. Jeutter, P.E.
Professor of biomedical engineering
E-mail: dean.jeutter@marquette.edu

Dr. John F. LaDisa, Jr.
Associate professor of biomedical engineering
E-mail: john.ladisa@marquette.edu


Dr. Lars E. Olson
Associate professor and interim chair of biomedical engineering
E-mail: lars.olson@marquette.edu

Dr. Kristina M. Ropella
Executive Associate Dean and Professor of biomedical engineering and director of the joint doctoral program in functional imaging at Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin
E-mail: kristina.ropella@marquette.edu

Dr. Robert A. Scheidt
Professor of biomedical engineering
E-mail: robert.scheidt@marquette.edu

Dr. Brian D. Schmit
Professor of biomedical engineering,
co-director of the Falk Neurorehabilitation Engineering Research Center,
and Director of Graduate Studies
E-mail: brian.schmit@marquette.edu

Dr. M. Barbara Silver-Thorn
Associate professor of biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering
E-mail: barbara.silver-thorn@marquette.edu

Dr. Jack M. Winters
Professor of biomedical engineering and co-director of the Falk Neurorehabilitation Engineering Research Center
E-mail: jack.winters@marquette.edu

Associate faculty

Dr. Vikram Cariapa, P.E.
Associate professor of mechanical engineering
E-mail: vikram.cariapa@marquette.edu

Dr. Anne Clough
Professor and department chair of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
E-mail: anne.clough@marquette.edu

Dr. Fabien J. Josse
Professor and director of the Microsensors Research Laboratory in electrical and computer engineering
E-mail: fabien.josse@marquette.edu

Dr. Gary S. Krenz
Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
E-mail: gary.krenz@marquette.edu



Dr. Richard W. Marklin, C.P.E.
Professor of mechanical engineering
E-mail: richard.marklin@marquette.edu

Dr. Mark L. Nagurka, P.E.
Associate professor of mechanical engineering
E-mail: mark.nagurka@marquette.edu

Susan A. Riedel, S.M., P.E.
Associate professor emeritus of electrical and computer engineering
E-mail: susan.riedel@marquette.edu


Adjunct faculty

Dr. Jeffrey D. Ackman
Pediatric orthopedics, gait analysis, interventions for cerebral palsy, Botox rehab treatment

Dr. Peter A. Bandettini

Dr. Christopher R. Butson
Adult neurology

Dr. Joseph Carroll
Advanced ocular imaging

Dr. Joseph R. Cava
Pediatric cardiology, congenital heart disease and MRI

Dr. Allen W. Cowley, Jr.
Hypertension, cardiovascular control systems modeling

Dr. Ranjan K. Dash
Computational bioengineering

Dr. Edgar A. DeYoe
Functional imaging of the brain

Dr. Robert Donnell
Ultrasound imaging of tissue

Dr. Alfredo Dubra-Suarez
Advanced ocular imaging

Dr. Andrew S. Greene
Microcirculation, metabolism, hypertension, mathematical modeling of physiologic systems

Dr. William R. Hendee, emeritus
Senior associate dean and vice president of technology at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Dr. Anthony Hudetz, D.B.M.
Red blood cell flow and leukocyte adhesion in the brain, 3D reconstruction and mathematical modeling of capillary networks

Dr. James S. Hyde
Functional imaging, ESR, MRI, MRS

Dr. Michelle Johnson
physical medicine and rehabilitation

Dr. Einat Liebenthal
PI, Speech Imaging Lab at the Medical College of Wisconsin Dept. of Neurology

Dr. Roger M. Lyon
Pediatric orthopedics, soft tissue biomechanics, pediatric sports injury biomechanics, motion analysis

Dr. Jane A. Madden
Electrophysiological and mechanical characteristics of vascular smooth muscle from cerebral and pulmonary circulation

Dr. Richard M. Marks
Ankle and foot orthopedic biomechanics, arthroplasty

Dr. Marilyn P. Merker
Interaction of blood-borne drugs and hormones with endothelial cells

Dr. John Merritt
Rehabilitation medicine, neurorehabilitation

Dr. Robert C. Molthen
Functional biomedical imaging, microfocal X-ray computed tomography, ultrasonic tissue characterization, imaging physics, signal processing,computer graphics and modeling

Dr. James T. Ninomiya
Orthopedic biomaterials and biochemistry, knee arthoplasty


Dr. Frank A. Pintar
Biomechanics of spinal cord injury, finite element modeling of the cervical spine, low back pain mechanisms, motor vehicle accident injuries

Dr. Pravin K. Patel
Craniofacial and reconstructive surgery, tissue engineering

Dr. Thomas E. Prieto
Changes in standing balance associated with age and neurologic disease; Instrumentation systems for the evaluation of autonomic reflexes; Instrumentation systems for providing auditory/visual stimuli and monitoring subject responses and physiological data during fMRI.

Dr. David Rickaby
Airway mechanics in antigen challenged mice, tolerance of lungs to hyperthermia and radiation, artery and vein biomechanics, pulmonary hemodynamics, non-respiratory functions of the lung

Dr. Margaret M. Samyn
Pediatric cardiology, diagnostic imaging: cardiac MRI and echocardiogram

Dr. Sushil Sarna
Signal processing of digestive tract contractile and myoelectric activity, modeling of smooth muscle electrical activity, epithelial transport

Dr. Sheila Schindler-Ivens
Assistant professor of physical therapy

Dr. Kathleen M. Schmainda
Functional imaging

Dr. Jeffrey Schwab
Pediatric orthopedics, tissue biomechanics and biomaterials

Dr. Gregor Schmeling
Orthopedic biomechanics, surgical technique (lower extremity), biomaterials

Dr. Peter Smith
Pediatric orthopedic rehabilitation, dynamic gait analysis, postural stability

Dr. Ricardo Soto
Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dr. Brian Stemper
Biomechanics of mild traumatic brain injury due to rotational acceleration and blast, and spinal trauma using experimental, imaging, and computational modeling techniques

Dr. Carole Street, M.D.
Sports and orthopedic biomechanics

Dr. Jeffrey Toth
Biomaterials, calcium phosphate ceramics, orthopedic biomaterials, bone morphogenetic proteins

Dr. Mei Wang
Orthopedic and spinal biomechanics, biomaterials

Dr. David Warltier
Effect of disease states and pharmacological agents on coronary circulation and left ventricular function

Dr. Jacqueline Wertsch, emeritus
Quantitative electromyography, clinical neuro-physiology correlated to sensory function and mobility, CNS plasticity, kinesiology, hand rehabilitation

Dr. Narayan Yoganandan
Central and peripheral nervous system trauma, mathematical modeling, impact biomechanics, vehicular crash worthiness research and human tolerance


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