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Undergraduate Research Program

Highllighting undergraduate research in the College of Engineering

Undergraduate Research Program Proposal Guidelines

Proposals must address each of the categories listed below. Be sure to clearly label each category within your proposal. The entire proposal should not exceed two pages. Preference will be given to Marquette and under represented students.  The committee would like to fund up to 8 different projects at levels no more than $5k each.

Proposal Categories:
1.   Participants and project title
      If a faculty member is initiating this proposal then list the faculty name and the       student, if the student has been identified.  If a student is initiating this proposal       then list student name and the faculty mentor.
2.   Overview of the project including proposed activities
3.   Specific research objectives and proposed outcomes
4.   Budget Indicate how the proposed budget will be spent, including salary, travel,       lab supplies, equipment, etc.
5.   List location of proposed research project, lab room numbers, etc.
6.   List additional resources (DLC, ITS support, etc.) that will be used, if       any.
7.   Time frame for project (start and end dates)
8.   Describe outcomes from previous award, if any.
9.   Development (optional for student led proposals):
      Faculty lead proposals should address the following:
      a.  Describe how this might lead to an external proposal development
      b.  Describe how this might lead to publications
      c.  Describe how this might lead to encouraging students to pursue graduate           education

External funding sources
Click here
for a list of external funding sources for undergraduate research organized by discipline. This list was compiled from a search of websites and from chairs and directors responses to surveys. You should ask your faculty mentor or conduct your own search within your discipline to find additional funding opportunities. Please report any additions or corrections to the Office of Undergraduate Research so we can update the list. Note, deadlines are based on prior years and are listed by month, check the
program’s website for the most recent deadline information.

1.   Student must be an undergraduate in good standing during the proposed work       period.
2.   Student led proposals must include a faculty mentor
3.   Proposed funded activities can run anytime but must concluded by August 25,       2014.

Recipients are expected to generate a short summary of research actives and an assessment of the impact this had on their research output.
Proposals should be submitted electronically to John Borg, Chair of the Undergraduate Research Committee at no later than Dec. 2nd, 2013.  Proposal reviews will begin immediately thereafter.

Contact Information:
For additional information contact John Borg, Undergraduate Research Committee, or (414) 288-7519.

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