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Students enrolled in Educational Studies are immediately admitted to the College of Education when they are admitted to Marquette University.

For the licensure programs (elementary-middle and middle-secondary), students are informally admitted to the College of Education Pre-Professional Program level when they enroll in beginning level education course work. Students will be reviewed by the Committee on Admission and Advancement at three transition points.

Students are recommended for admission to each program level based on specific criteria. Admission to the Professional Program Admission to the Professional Program occurs during the sophomore year, after completing EDUC 2227.

Criteria for Admission:

Students who need to take professional education courses in the spring semester (because of study abroad plans or junior standing) need to request early admission on a form provided by their EDUC 2227 instructors.

Please see the Student Handbook for admission criteria to the three other program levels:
Undergraduate Handbook and forms

For information about admissions to Marquette's undergraduate programs, including Education:



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