Education Professors' Work is One-Millionth Download on e-Publications@Marquette

Released 5/22/13

The millionth download was no surprise. “Qualitative Research Interviews” by Dr. Sarah Knox and Dr. Alan Burkard has featured prominently among e-Publications@Marquette’s top 10 downloads for quite some time. The article, first published in Psychotherapy Research in 2009, has received 14,880 downloads since its addition to e-Publications in August 2010.

“As a qualitative researcher, I can’t help but be struck by the irony that one of my publications was the millionth download,” Dr. Knox noted. “I think that there’s a growing interest in qualitative research, and I’m glad that folks are finding this article helpful. Alan and I are pleased that our work will help researchers conduct effective interviews.”

Dr. Knox, professor and director of training for the counseling psychology Ph.D. program, and Dr. Burkard, associate professor and chair of the counselor education and counseling psychology program, both joined Marquette University as assistant professors in the department of counselor education and counseling in 1999. Both have published extensively, and often together.

 “Conducting qualitative research is such a fun process for me,” stated Burkard, “and I truly appreciate the opportunity to share this experience with students and colleagues. So, it is incredibly satisfying to know that our work may have helped others as they seek to advance their own research endeavors.”

And that is the very point of institutional repositories like e-Publications.  Anyone, anywhere, is able to obtain the research of Marquette scholars, enabling the application of findings to their own research and building knowledge. There are no pay walls or membership fees for this type of access. It is free and equalizing.

The creation of e-Publications@Marquette began as an initiative of the dean of libraries, Janice Welburn, in 2008. Since then, library staff have continued to aggregate, clear copyright permission, and make accessible the scholarly work of willing faculty and students, with global impact.

“With the 1 millionth download, we no longer need to talk about institutional repositories as the wave of the future. The future has arrived,” commented Dean Welburn, “and the power of our repository is evident in its widespread use by scholars from across the globe. The only twist of irony is that we reached our quantitative milestone with a paper on qualitative research.”

Though the repository started with the research of a few intrepid faculty and a handful of theses and dissertations, today over 400 faculty have participated by having their work deposited in e-Publications. Nearly 8,500 works are archived. There are now more than 3,700 theses and dissertations and that number continues to grow as retrospective theses and dissertations are added and each new crop of graduate and doctoral students adds the fruits of their research to the repository.

e-Publications has expanded to include two research journals, Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education and the Graduate Journal of Counseling Psychology, conferences such as the Scholarly Communication Symposium and Conversations across the Humanities, and forays into the Digital Humanities with the Gothic Archive. It continues to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our faculty.

Repository staff invite Marquette faculty to contribute their scholarship for long-term preservation and increased accessibility of their work to a worldwide audience. Contact Rose Fortier, Digital Programs Librarian, to get started.


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