College of Education Celebrates the Class of 2014

Released: 5/19/14

The College of Education honored students at its annual graduation recognition event held on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at the Pabst Theater, 144 E. Wells St.

The afternoon program included an invocation by Father Douglas Leonhardt as well as a keynote address given by Dr. Jim Rickabaugh, Director of the Institute at CESA #1 and former Superintendent of the Whitefish Bay Schools in Whitefish Bay. Read his inspiring remarks here.

Congratulations go out to each and every one of these new College of Education alumni for a job very well done!

Bachelor of Science Teacher Certification Candidates

Elizabeth Anvender
Emily Bero
Jacqueline Boratyn
Grace Brielmaier
Caitlin Brown
Frank Bufe
Lucinda Cardenas
Christopher Casey
Amanda Cera
Kenneth Chu
Abigail Croft
Elizabeth Dooley
Jessica Doyle
Marlena Eanes
Sarah Falzone
Elizabeth Fons
Margaret Fredericks
Marie Fredrickson
Melissa Gaseor
Hannah Guth
Eileen Hamilton
Caroline Hanson
Katherine Harris
Allison Hause
Meribeth Heitbrink
Kaitlyn Hennessey
Paige Herrmann
Riley Hoerner
Susan Hogan

Alexis Holbach
Michelle Hookham
Natalie Jablonski
Alyssa Jackson
Bridget Jackson
Danielle Jacobs
Ri'ana Johnson
Shannon Jordan
Courtney Karlheim
Samantha King
Jordan Kohut
Sydney Kueter
Emily Lajeunesse
Sarah Levin
Nicole Luke
Molly Machala
Jessica Makuck
Amelia Marshall
Kelly Martin
Darrielle Mitchell
Meredith Mitchell
Stephen Mogni
Kaitlin Moon
Meaghan Moran
Meghan Mountin
Killeen Nass
Catherine Nelson
Stephanie Nicoletti
Lindsay Nolder

Kathryn O'Connor
Cassandra O'Mahoney
Clare O'Meara
Luke Owens
Meaghan Patterson
Kelsey Person
Katherine Raitt
Conor Read
Louise Reinmuller
Amy Rendino
Emily Schmidt
Clarissa Shields
Emily Sickels
Olivia Smith
Hannah Smyth
Douglas Soder
Ashley Stemmeler
Ashley Stoltz
Elizabeth Swarczewski
Elena Tarlas
Grace Thorstad
Elizabeth Turco
Devlyn Walsh
Meghan Walsh
Kaitlan Watson
Cassidy Wilson
Alix Wilt
Ryan Zanon
Lauren Zawis

Master of Arts and Master of Education Candidates,
Educational Policy & Leadership

Courtney Adams
Emily Andrews
Lindsay Baranowski
Ashley Beaudoin
Laura Bengs
Zachary Blair
Chelsea Casey
Rachel Chrostowski
Jennifer Ciesiulka
Christopher Conley
Colleen Counihan
Molly Dixon
Kaitlin Drozd
Richard Ferraro

Clintel Hasa
ourtney Hendrick
Jennifer Horton
Ian Kaelble
Elizabeth Kerrick
Anne Laverty
Cara Liuzzi
Kelsey McClure
Lauren Mountain
Nicole Nathe
Kevin Nguyen
Amy Peck

Meredith Reinhardt
Kevin Reitman
Dawn Rinehart
Blake Shultice
Alexandria Taylor
Kendra Thiel
Lauren Thomas
Erin Tingey
Katalina Traxler
Emma Vierheller
Rebecca Wehrmann
Devika Werth
Mary Williams
eph Wright

Master of Arts Candidates, Counseling and School Counseling
Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

Amy Gahl
Ellen Gapinski

Heather Lemke
Zihua Mao

Bryan Pacl
Virginia Vinson

Master of Science Candidates, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

Emilie Ansay
Heidi Aringer
Thomas Carroll
Kerri Corcoran
Kelsey Dillon
Angeline Felber

Emily Feldman
Keri Frantell
Lauren Johnson
Graham Knowlton
Kathryn Martens

Kenzie Meyer
Samantha Petroshius-Crocker
Anne Stocker
Kathy Wierzchowski
Catherine Woehlck
Emily Wolf

Doctor of Philosophy Candidates
Educational Policy and Leadership

Sarah Adams
“The Importance of Institutional Culture at a Technical College”
Dr. William Pink, Dissertation Director

Lawrence Pesch
“Connecting Schools to Neighborhood Revitalization: The Case of the Maple Heights Neighborhood Association”
Dr. William Pink, Dissertation Director

Doctor of Philosophy Candidates

Counselor Education & Counseling Psychology

Brittany Gresl
 “Early Termination and Barriers to Treatment in Parent and Child Therapy”
Dr. Robert Fox, Dissertation Director

Ryan Mattek
 “Parent Attributional Style and Early Termination from Child and Parent Therapy”
Dr. Robert Fox, Dissertation Director

Nichelle Rothong
“Assessment of Performance Validity During Neuropsychological Evaluation in Patients with Epilepsy”
Dr. Sarah Knox, Dissertation Director

Marcel Tassara
 “The Role of Friendships Among Unauthorized Latina/o Adolescents”
Dr. Lisa Edwards, Dissertation Director


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