Grant Funding Keeps Behavior Clinic Fully Staffed

Released: 6-5-13

Marquette University's Behavior Clinic received word this week that the Clinic will receive a generous $100,000 gift from the Faye McBeath Foundation.

The Clinic, which is currently entirely dependent upon external funding for its operations, will use the funds to ensure that the Clinic is fully staffed during the upcoming year.

The Behavior Clinic was founded in 2003 as a partnership between the College of Education and Penfield Children’s Center, a large community-based agency serving inner-city families with young children with developmental disabilities. The Behavior Clinic offers free mental health services for children who are experiencing significant behavior and emotional problems. Graduate students receive specialized training and gain supervised clinical experiences working directly with children and their families. The clinic also has an ongoing applied research program that regularly contributes findings to the relatively new field of pediatric mental health.

For more information about the Behavior Clinic, training opportunities for graduate students and the clinic's research, contact Dr. Robert Fox at or (414) 288-1469.


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