Behavior Clinic Launches Early Pathways Training for Treating Behavior Issues in Young Children

Released: 6/5/14

For the past decade, Dr. Robert Fox and the staff at Marquette's Behavior Clinic have frequently been at the forefront of treating children with serious behavior issues.

But it was their approach which set them apart.

The Behavior Clinic focused its service on children under five years of age, primarily from low income families. And, instead of having parents bring the young patients to them, the clinic staff started going into the homes of families in need.

Now, Dr. Robert Fox and the Behavior Clinic are embracing innovation by offering an online evidence-based training program to professionals who interact with troubled children and their parents (social workers, counselors, nurses and others), but who may not have the background they need to help.

The Early Pathways Training Program teaches techniques which have proven effective for the clinic -- from showing practitioners how to help parents set limits and expectations, to something as simple as teaching them how to play together.

The course comprises 10 hours of professional training in the form of video, readings, and exercises. Each module includes a post-test, which must be completed before a participant moves forward with the training. A certificate verifying completion of the course is available upon successful completion of all modules.

Cost is $75 for one year of access to the online training and $50 for an Early Pathways printed manual.

Learn More about Early Pathways.


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