Ellen Eckman, Ph.D.

Department of Educational Policy & Leadership

Office: 113J Schroeder Complex
Phone: 414-288-1561

Ellen Eckman, Ph.D.

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Recent Publications/Presentations


Eckman, E.; Mertz, N.; and Strayhorn, T. (2011). Entering Student Affairs: A Comparative Study of Graduate School Choice. The College Student Affairs Journal, 30 (1).


Eckman, E. & Kelber, S. (2009). Female traditional principals and co-principals:           Experiences of role conflict and job satisfaction. Journal of Educational Change

Eckman, E. & Kelber, S. (2009). The co-principalship: An alternative to the traditional principalship. Planning and Changing


Eckman, E. & Kelber, S.  The co-principalship as a leadership opportunity for women.  Paper  presented at Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association (AERA),  March 2008.


Eckman, E. (2007). The co-principalship: It’s not lonely at the top. Journal of School Leadership, 17(3), 313–339.

Eckman, E. (2007). A dynamic duo. American School Board Journal, 194 (4), 47-49.


Eckman, E.W. (2006). Co-principals: Characteristics of dual leadership teams. Leadership and Policy in Schools, 5(2), 1-20.


Whipp, J., Eckman, E.W., and van den Kieboom, L. (in press). Using sociocultural theory to guide teacher use and integration of instructional technology in two professional development schools. Journal of Computing in Teacher Education.

Eckman, E.W. Does Gender make a difference? Voices of male and female high school principals. Planning and Changing 35(3&4), pp 192-208.


Eckman, E.W. (2004). Similarities and differences in role conflict, role commitment, and job satisfaction for female and male high school principals. Educational Administration Quarterly, 40 (3), 366-387.


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Eckman, E.W. (2002) Women high school principals: Perspectives on role conflict, role commitment and job satisfaction. Journal of School Leadership, 12(1), 57-78.


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