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Kevin A. Tate, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


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Research Interests

My research is broadly focused on the educational and career/vocational development of marginalized and oppressed populations, and my theoretical lens for research and program development is based on liberation psychology and critical pedagogy. My current research is focused on developing and evaluating programming to empower first generation college students from low-income backgrounds. I also collaborates with several other faculty members in the department.

Courses Taught


Recent Publications

Slaten, C.D., Zalzala, A., Elison, Z.M., Tate, K.A., & Wachter-Morris, C.A. (in press).  Person-Centered Educational Practices in an Urban Alternative High School: The Black Male Perspective. Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies.

Knox, S., Knowlton, G., Tate, K., & Hill, C. E. (2015). How singing in a seminary choir influences Episcopal seminarians’ formation. The American Organist, 26-28.

Slaten, C.D., Irby, D.J., Tate, K. A., & Rivera, R. (2015). Towards a critically conscious approach to social-emotional learning in alternative education: school staff members’ perspectives.  Journal of Social Action in Counseling & Psychology, 7, 41-62.

Tate, K. A., Caperton, W., Kaiser, D., Pruitt, N, White, H. Hall, E. (2015). An exploration of first generation college students’ career development beliefs and experiences. Journal of Career Development, 42, 294-310.

Tate, K. A., Fouad, N. A., Reid-Marks, L., Young, G., Guzman, E., Williams, E. G. (2015). Underrepresented first generation, low-income college students’ pursuit of a graduate education: Investigating the influence of self-efficacy, coping efficacy, and family influence. Journal of Career Assessment, 23, 427-441.

Tate, K. A., Bloom, M., Tassara, M., Caperton, W. (2014). Counselor competence, performance assessment, and program evaluation: Using psychometric instruments. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 47, 291–306.

Tate, K. A., Fallon, K. M., Casquerelli, E., Reid Marks, L. (2014). Opportunities for action: Traditionally marginalized populations and the economic crisis. The Professional Counselor, 4, 285–302.

Tate, K. A., Lopez, C., Fox, R., Love, J., McKinney, E. (2014). In-home counseling for young children living in poverty: An exploration of counseling competencies. The Family Journal, 22, 371-381.

Goodman, R. D., Calderon, A. M., Tate, K. A., (2014). Liberation-focused community outreach: A qualitative exploration of peer group supervision during disaster response. Journal of Community Psychology, 42, 228-236.

Tate, K. A., Torres Rivera, E., Brown, E. M. (2013). Foundations for liberation: Social justice, liberation psychology, and counseling. Interamerican Journal of Psychology, 4, 373-382.

Tate, K. A., Torres Rivera, E., Conwill, W. L., Miller, M. D., Puig, A. (2013) Conceptualizing group dynamics from our clients’ perspective: Development of the Conceptualization of Group Dynamics Inventory. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 38, 146-168.

Tate, K. A., Williams, C., Harden, D. (2013). Finding purpose in pain: Using Logotherapy as a method for addressing survivor guilt in first generation college students. Journal of College Counseling, 16, 79-92.

Brubaker, M. D., Garrett, M. T., Torres Rivera, E., Tate, K. A. (2010) Justice making in groups for homeless adults: The Emancipatory Communitarian way. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 35, 124-133.

Book Chapters

Tate, K. A., Torres Rivera, E., Edwards, L. M. (2015). Colonialism and multicultural counseling competence research: A liberatory analysis. In R. D. Goodman & P. Gorski (Eds.) Decolonizing “multicultural” counseling and psychology: Visions for social justice theory and practice. New York: Springer

Tate, K. A. (2014). Communication and interpretation: It’s more complicated than you think! In K. Fineran, B. Houltberg, A. Nitza, J. McCoy, & S. Roberts (Eds.), Group work experts share their favorite activities: A guide to choosing, planning, conducting, and processing volume 2. Alexandria, VA: Association for Specialists in Group Work.

Brubaker, M. D., Garrett, M. T., Torres Rivera, E., Tate, K. A. (2010) Justice making in groups for homeless adults: The Emancipatory Communitarian way. In A. Singh & C. Salazar (Eds.) Social Justice in Group Work: Practical Interventions for Change. New York, NY: Routledge.

Professional Magazines

Janners, E., Tate, K. A., Lemke, H., Ullrich, T. (2014), Sort through a difficult choice – Help your student find  a college that’s right for them with a card sort. School Counselor, 52, 41-42.

Tate, K.A., Rush, L. C. (2012). Social justice and career development. Career Developments, 26, 5-9.


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