Cynthia Ellwood, Ph.D.

Department of Educational Policy & Leadership

Office: 116F Schroeder Complex
Phone: (414) 288-6749

Cynthia Ellwood, Ph.D.
EDPL Director of Graduate Studies

Clinical Associate Professor

Cynthia Ellwood has been engaged to help reshape leadership education within the Masters and Doctoral programs in the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership. 

Dr. Ellwood most recently served as a Regional Executive in the Milwaukee Public Schools, where she oversaw 35 schools, elementary through high school, serving 17,500 young people.  In this capacity, she supported, supervised, hired and developed the principals of her region  She was responsible for developing a mix of high quality educational programs in the region, including starting a new high school, leading the transformation of low-performing high school into a school for creativity and innovation, as well as cultivating a wide range of school programs and initiatives in Milwaukee’s most diverse region. Ellwood also led the redesign and implementation of the district’s teacher growth and evaluation system.

Previously, Dr. Ellwood served as the principal of Hartford University School for twelve years; during this time, the staff, parents, and students dramatically transformed the educational program, climate, achievement, and enrollment in this high-poverty, predominantly African American elementary and middle school. In addition, during her 29 years in the Milwaukee Public Schools, Dr. Ellwood taught high school and served as the chief academic officer. Ellwood was a founding editor, with four others, of Rethinking Schools.  One of the most transformational periods of her life was spent supporting the Nicaraguan Literacy Campaign on the staff of the Sandinista-led Ministerio de Educacion. She was educated at Stanford University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree, Masters in history and education, and a PhD in education.



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