April 29, 2015

Dear Students,

I am honored to serve as the interim vice president for Student Affairs following Dr. Chris Millerís announcement that he will be leaving Marquette University. During his tenure as vice president, Dr. Miller has demonstrated his commitment to ensuring student success and achievement. Your success and achievement will remain my top priority as we continue to engage in learning both within and beyond the classroom.

Since coming to Marquette in 2011 as assistant vice president for Student Affairs, I have been proud to be part of our efforts to provide an academic experience that builds on our Ignatian principles of social responsibility. We live in interesting times. We will continue to have difficult conversations. I trust we can have these dialogues in a climate of respect, reflection, and tolerance for diverse perspectives.

I look forward to a new academic year as we return to Marquette and welcome new students to join us on our journey of discovery.


Dr. Marya Leatherwood
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

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