Dear students:

Marquette is a place where people grow both intellectually and spiritually; it’s a place where people discover their gifts and talents and develop them in service to the greater whole.  The fact that this campus has so many ways to get involved is a testament to our commitment to educating the whole person and enabling students to become the people they are meant to be.  This campus is a unique culture with unique individuals working together toward a common goal.  That goal is living the Mission.

Marquette works hard to be a culture of inclusiveness.  Our Statement of Human Dignity and Diversity is an integral part of our Mission.  We truly cherish the dignity of all people, and we know that the different perspectives people bring to our campus is the way we all grow.  

Recently, Marquette University Student Government unanimously passed a resolution opposing the discrimination of the LGBTQ community.  The Diversity Advocates Network continues to work to create an inclusive and diverse campus.  In addition, there are 15 cultural and 11 social awareness student organizations that work to educate and celebrate with our campus community, not to mention the many academic groups who also make contributions to this effort.  When we say, “We Are Marquette,” we mean everyone, and we are blessed to have the community we do.


L. Christopher Miller, J.D., Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs


Alcohol Initiatives

Alcohol initiatives

Each student arrives to campus with different experiences with alcohol. Whether you have experience with alcohol or not, or whether you plan to incorporate alcohol into your college experience or not, the Alcohol Initiatives program strives to give you the information you need to make the right decision for you. Visit the Alcohol Initiatives site.