Marquette Takes Action Bystander Intervention

In spring 2012, recruitment and planning for the development of a student-lead bystander intervention team was begun through the collaboration of Sara Johnson, Coordinator for Alcohol Programs in the Office of Student Development, and Sgt. Jill Weisensel, Department of Public Safety.

Through development of a bystander intervention curriculum for sexual violence prevention in fall 2011 we saw the need for a broad-based bystander intervention curriculum to be developed targeting the following campus issues: alcohol and other drugs, personal safety, harassment, hazing, and sexual violence.

Currently, the Bystander Intervention Team (BIT) is comprised of 7 junior and senior level students, whom all have an interest in creating a culture of helping behaviors, civility, and have personally been touched by an act of violence or have seen the importance of bystander mobilization in their own lives or the lives of a close friend.


Student Leadership Awards

Student leadership awards

The Division of Student Affairs presents leadership awards annually to recognize student contributions to the mission and activities of the various student affairs areas. Students are nominated by staff from the division and throughout the university and are selected by a committee representing each of the student affairs departments and Campus Ministry. Awards are presented at a program held each year in April. Read more about the student leadership awards.