Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Honorary dental society, was organized by the faculty of Northwestern University Dental School in 1914, to encourage and develop a spirit of emulation among students of dentistry, and to recognize, in an appropriate manner, those who distinguish themselves by a high degree of scholarship.  Marquette University School of Dentistry recognizes faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to the art, science, and literature of dentistry.  The name and key of this society are based upon three words, which represent the dental ideal.  These words are conservation, teeth and health.  In the key above, you will see four Greek symbols:  “Y” or Upsilon is for “hygiea” meaning “health”, “O” for Omicron is for “odous” meaning “teeth” and the letter Kappa meaning “and” which is with the letter “O”.  All three letters are encircled by the prominent letter “Sigma” which stands for “Conservation”.