Dr. Evie Bartfield


Dr. Paul Luepke


Dr. Chris Okunseri


Dr. Francisco Alencar


Dr. Jeffrey Toth


Drs. L.T. Johnson (PI) and T. Radmer (co-I) also includes Mr. T. Wirtz as well as several others


Dr. Paul Luepke


Dr. Aaron (Seok Hwan) Cho


Dr. Francisco Alencar


Dr. Clifford Hartmann


Dr. Christopher Okunseri


Ms. Kim Roth Receives Award


Rita Causey Completed


Dr. Albert Abena Receives Scholarship


Dr. L. T. Johnson, Dr. T. Radmer and Mr. T. Wirtz Presented


Dr. Brian Hodgson Published


Dr. Moawia Kassab & Ms. Hala Badawi Published


Dr. Jose Bosio Presented


Dr. Clifford Hartmann Selected


Greg Godfrey Receives Award


Dr. Paul Luepke Receives Award


Dr. Lisa Koenig Receives Award


Carol Trecek Receives Award


Dr. Albert Abena Receives Award


Raghav Puri Elected to Chair Graduate Student Organization


Dr. Nicolas Shane Honored


Elizabeth McCrout and Kyle Menne Inducted


Dr. Bradley recertification of Orthodontics Specialty Board


Dr, Fracisco Alencar's Article featured


Dental Alumni Dr, Fracisco Alencar's Article Featured Awards


Annual meetings Presenters


Dr. Ziebert Receives Award


Dr. Aggarwal Wins First Place


Give Kids a Smile Day 2010


Drs. Thomas Radmer and L. Thomas Johnson Published


MUSOD Student Activity fund given $25,000


$500,000 to fund Scholarship


Dr. Dawei Liu receives Regular Research Grant


ADA “Give Kids a Smile” Program


Dr.Evie Bartfield ac

published an article in the fall 2010 issue of the Journal of the American College of Dentists. “Maximizing Beneficence and Autonomy: Ethical Support for the Use of Nonpharmacological Methods for Managing Dental Anxiety.”

Nick Shane is a coauthor of the piece.


Dr.Paul Leupke rr

was selected as the winner for the OKU Charles Craig Teaching

Award by the national organization.



Dr. Chris Okunseri, nh

Dental Public Health, has received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to study how hospital emergency departments provide non-traumatic dental treatment.


Dr. Francisco Alencar, th

General Dental Science, has been selected as a Features Thinker for the TMD & Oral Facial Pain section of


Dr. Jeffrey Tothll

was elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) based on my “significant contributions to the field”.


Researchers at MUSoD received a grant from the NIJ.  The team is led by Drs. L.T. Johnson (PI) and T. Radmer (co-I) also includes Mr. T. Wirtz as well as several researchers in Biomedical Engineering and at the Medical College of Wisconsin.  The grant will provide support for 3 years and is worth more than $715,000.


Dr. Paul Luepke,

Surgical Sciences, was one of the winners in the worldwide
Growth Against Recession-Esthetic Case Competition sponsored by Strauman.
The submitted case will be published in the Strauman Emdogain-esthetic case
book to be released in early 2011.


Dr. Aaron (Seok Hwan) Cho, aa

General Dental Sciences, took First Place in the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics 2010 Tylman Research Awards. He will present his research at the annual meeting in Chicago this February.



Dr. Francisco Alencar,jj

General Dental Sciences, has published an article in the Journal ofOrofacial Pain, v24, n3, 2010 titled, “Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of RCT evaluating Intraoral Orthoprdic Appliances for TMD”




Dr. Clifford Hartmann, aa

Developmental Sciences, has been selected to
participate in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's Leadership
Institute III. The AAPD Leadership Institute trains current and future
members with the necessary skills to shape their philosophical and
operational approaches to maximize leadership potential and performance.



Dr. Christopher Okunseri alpha

will be presenting an abstract entitled
"Relationship Between Erosive Tooth Wear & Consumption of Beverages

among Children in the U.S." at the 138th American Public Health Association Annual Meeting Nov. 6-10 in Denver. Dr. Cesar Gonzalez is a co-author.



Ms. Kim Roth Awarded

Director of Central Services, was named “Central Services Manager of the Year”.  The award was sponsored by AESCULAP

and presented at the annual meeting of the International Association ofHealthcare Central Service Material Management.


Rita Causey Completed

Central Sterilization Supervisor recently completed her International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management course and exam. She is now a Registered Certified Central Service Technician.




Dr. Albert Abena Receives Scholarship

has been accepted to the Marquette University Scholarship of Engagement Faculty Learning Community for 2010-2011.  This community will come together to focus on best practices in service learning and community based research. Dr. Abena will receive a $1500 - $2000 stipend to create a new service learning course or significantly enhance a course that already utilizes service learning. 


Dr. L. T. Johnson, Dr. T. Radmer and Mr. T. Wirtz Presented

presented “Emerging Technology in Patterned Injury Investigation” at the Advances in Forensic Medicine & Pathology conference at the University of Michigan Medical School in early May, as well as at the annual meeting of the Midwest Crime Laboratory Directors in mid May. 


Dr. Brian Hodgson Receives Award

had a publication titled “A Systematic Review of Dental Disease in Patients Undergoing Cancer Therapy” accepted in the journal Supportive Care in Cancer. 


Dr. Moawia Kassab & Ms. Hala Badawi (D4 student) Published

published a review on treatment of gingival recession in Dental Clinics of North America recently. 


Dr. Jose Bosio Presented

presented “Tongue Spur for the Correction of Open Bites. What are the CurrentEvidences?” during the 2010 American Association of Orthodontists annual meeting in early May. 


Dr. Clifford Hartmann Receives Award

has been selected as the Pediatric Dentist of the Year by the American Academy of Pediatric dentistry. He will receive the award May 30 in Chicago. 





Greg Godfrey (D4 student) Receives Award

earned the Award for Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry for the case that was presented at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry annual meeting. 



Dr. Paul Luepke Receives Award

was the recent recipient of the American Academy of Periodontology’s Teaching and Mentoring Award.



Dr. Lisa Koenig Receives Award

was honored at the Pere Marquette dinner as a recipient of the 2010 Rev.John P. Raynor S.J. Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence. Dr. Koenig is the first recipient of this award by a faculty member from the School of Dentistry since 1987.



Carol Trecek Receives Award

Director of Continuing Education and Alumni Relations at

the Dental Schoolhas received a Marquette University Excellence in

Service Award for 2010.



Dr. Albert Abena Awarded

Dr. Albert Abena & 3 others from the university were awarded financial support from the Simmons Religious Commitment Fund for "Life with Dignity, Beliefs, Practices & Economic Diversity Speaker". The fund finances small projects to provide seed money for programs & events that deepen the religious nature of Marquette University.


Raghav Puri Elected to Chair Graduate Student Organization

Raghav Puri, a first year graduate resident in Dr. Berzin’s Dental Biomaterials MS program, was elected to chair MU’s Graduate Student Organization.


Dr. Nicholas Shane Honored

Dr. Nicolas Shane has been awarded the MUSOD Part Time Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for 2010.  Congratulations! 


Elizabeth McCourt and Kyle Menne

have been inducted into the Honor Society of Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education; Alpha Sigma Nu



Congratulations Dr. Bradleyjjj

Dr. Gerry Bradley, Orthodontics, recently passed his recertification of the Orthodontics specialty board.




Dr. Francisco Alencar's Article Featured

An article on Dr. Francisco Alencar's research of myofacial pain is featured in Marquette University's Discover magazine on research & scholarship 2010.


Dental Alumni Awards,Friday, April 23, at the AMU Monaghan Ballroom

Marquette University School of Dentistry will honor two of its graduates at the Dental Alumni Awards dinner. Dr. Kathryn Atchison will be the 2010 Distinguished Alumna in Dentistry and Dr. Ken Waliszewski will receive the 2010 Dental Service Award.


Presenters at Annual Meetings

Several Faculty and Administrators presented at recent annual meetings for Dental Education (ADEA) and Dental Research (AADR). Presenter list.



Dr. Ziebert Receives Award

Dr. Gerald Ziebert has received the first ever Garver-Staffanou, Prosthodontic Program Director Award for Excellence, from the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics.




Dr. Aggarwal Wins First Place

Dr. Harshit Aggarwal, assistant professor in Prosthodontics, won the 1st prize at the 82nd annual meeting of the American Prosthodontic Society for the presentation “Quantification of mandibular flexion. A pilot study.”


Give Kids a Smile Day 2010 a Success

On February 5, 2010, the Pediatric Dentistry clinic at Marquette University School of Dentistry hosted Give Kids a Smile Day. A total of 63 patient received care, with an estimated treatment value totaling $17,531.  Thank you to Dr. Cesar Gonzalez, Dr. Brian Hodgson, Dr. Laurin Rackham, Dr. Bob Henschel, Dr. Terry Geary, Dr. Lorraine Pagel, Dr. Lynn Lepak-McSorley, Dr. John Moser, Dr. Jim Markenson, Dr. Jose Bartolomei, Dr. Jerry Jelacic, Dr. Chris McAboy and Dr. Kathy Schrubbe for helping make it a huge success.  Great job!



Dr. Thomas Radmer  and Dr. L. Thomas Johnson Published

They published "The Quantification of Tooth Displacement" in the Journal of Forensic Identification 60 (1), 2010



$25,000 to the MUSOD Student Activity Fund

The Village at Manor Park has once again generously donated $25,000 to the MUSOD Student Activity Fund.  The Village at Manor Park is our partner in putting on the annual “Thriller at Miller” held each Summer at Miller Park.


$500,000 to fund Scholarship

Dr. Rick Kushner D’77 – Rick and his wife Cindy along with his company have pledged $500,000 to fund the Comfort Dental/Dr. Rick and Cindy Kushner Scholarship Fund.  Five $10,000 grants will be made each year.


Dr. Dawei Liu will receive a Regular Research Grant from Marquette University
for his project "Application of mechanical vibration to enhance orthodontic tooth movement." The award was on a highly competitive basis with submission from all Marquette colleges and schools.


ADA "Give Kids a Smile" Program

MUSoD participated in the ADA “Give Kids a Smile” Program.  The program began in 2002 and since then has grown enormously with thousands of dollars in free care provided to underserved children. This year’s screening day at MUSoD was held on Saturday, January 23rd