Academic Affairs
Lynch, Dr. Denis
(414) 288-7267
Professor and Associate Dean

Riley, Ms. Judy
(414) 288-7275
Office Associate

Stewart, Ms. Cassie
(414) 288-6506
Assistant Director

Trecek, Mr. Brian
(414) 288-3532

O'Neill, Mr. David (Dave)
(414) 288-6048
(414) 460-3803 (mobile)
Director of Development

Alumni Relations
Trecek, Ms. Carol
(414) 288-3093
Clinical Services
Hagner, Dr. Richard
(414) 288-6928
Clinic Director, Chair
Hoppe, Ms. Jeanne
(414) 288-1622
Clinical Supervisor
Widor, Ms. Tara-Rae
(414) 288-6928
Office Associate
Continuing Education

Trecek, Ms. Carol
(414) 288-3093


Schickowski, Ms. Nicole
(414) 288-3093
Office Associate

Educational Development & Assessment
Sutkiewicz, Dr. Frederick
(414) 288-0789
Director, Assessment and Institutional Outcomes; Clinical Assistant Professor of Education

Faculty & Administration Services
Dalsasso, Ms. Susan
(414) 288-7550


Dray, Mr. David
(414) 288-6895

Associate Dean

Gaeth, Ms. Barbara
(414) 288-7154
Accounting Assistant
Schweitzer, Ms. Joyce
(414) 288-6775
Staff Supervisor





ITS Help Desk

(414) 288-7799

Brozek, Mr. James
(414) 288-6807
Lynch, Mr. Patrick
(414) 288-0645
Application Specialist
Pilak, Mr. Thomas
(414) 288-7475
Waliszewski, Dr. Kenneth
(414) 288-6583
Adjunct Professor (Clinical)
Wirtz, Mr. Thomas
(414) 288-6208

Office of the Dean
Lobb, Dr. William
(414) 288-7485
Dean; Professor of Developmental Sciences
Creamer, Dr. Timothy
(414) 288-7485
Senior Associate Dean
Burrell, Ms. Clarice
(414) 288-7485
Executive Administrative Assistant
Camara, Ms. Karen
(414) 288-7267
Office Associate

Office of Diversity

Roland, Ms. Yvonne
(414) 288-3573
Director of Diversity

Bland, Mr. Marques
Program Coordinator
Physical Therapy

Research & Graduate Studies
Bradley, Dr. Thomas
(414) 288-5480
Associate Dean

Student Services
Gleason, Ms. Linda
(414) 288-5408
Young, Ms. Elizabeth
(414) 288-6577
Office Associate


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School of Dentistry

School of Dentistry Mission Statement

       The School of Dentistry is committed to excellence in 

       education, scholarship and the provision of high-quality

       oral health care.  Consistent with Marquette University

       traditions and values, the school recruits and educates a

       diverse student body, fosters personal and professional

       excellence and promotes leadership expressed in service

       to others.