Central Sterilization
Main line
(414) 288-1602
Back-up line
(414) 288-6392

Candler, Ms. Diamond

(414) 288-1602

Central Sterilization Technician

Causey, Ms. Rita
(414) 288-1602
Clinical Sterilization Assistant

Johnson, Mr. Peter

(414) 288-1602

Central Sterilization Technician

Roth, Ms. Kim
(414) 288-0776
Director, Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Van Scotter, Dr. Peggy

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Hagner, Dr. Richard
(414) 288-6928/0770
Clinic Director/Chair of Clinical Services

Hoppe, Ms. Jeanne

(414) 288-1622

Clinical Supervisor

Widor, Mrs. Tara-Rae

(414) 288-6928

Office Associate

Dental Store
Schauer, Mr. John
(414) 288-7147
Sales and Service Assistant

Schnuck, Mr. Matthew

(414) 288-3627

Clinical Supplies Assistant

Annis, Mr. Pat
(414) 288-6581
Head Lab Supervisor (Fixed Lab)
Branski, Ms. Sue
(414) 288-3678
Labratory Supervisor (Removable Lab)
Izumi, Mr. Masaaki
(414) 288-3678
Labratory Supervisor (Grad Pros Lab)

Karabon, Mr. Richard

(414) 288-6529

Simulation Lab Assistant


Palmer, Mr. Edward
(414) 288-6301
Lead Dental Equipment Repair Technician

Snodgrass, Mr. David
(414) 288-6301
Dental Equipment Repair Technician




Patient Financial Services

Hammen, Ms. Penny
(414) 288-5254

Patient/Student Financial Assistant

Scharpf, Ms. Clare
Patient Financial Services Manager



Feezor, Ms. Kathryn
(414) 288-6756
Patient Records Coordinator

Rivera, Ms. Maria
(414) 288-7905
Records Assistant


(414) 288-6790

Greeter Station
(414) 283-0339
Gladney, Ms. Alandria
(414) 288-8404
Lead Registration Assistant

Martinez, Ms. Idalia

(414) 283-0336

Registration Assistant

Stones, Ms. Leonnie
(414) 283-0338
Registration Assistant
Velazquez, Ms. Ana Marie
(414) 283-0334
Registration Assistant
Weber (Ott), Ms. Jean
(414) 283-0515
Registration Assistant


(414) 288-7255

Daering, Mr. Rod
(414) 288-3681
Clinical Supervisor
Oritz, Ms. Sherry
(414) 288-3681
Labratory Supervisor
Romans, Ms. Vicki
(414) 288-3681
Clinical Supervisor
Szolwinski, Ms. Vickie
(414) 288-5570
Dental Assistant


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School of Dentistry

School of Dentistry Mission Statement

       The School of Dentistry is committed to excellence in 

       education, scholarship and the provision of high-quality

       oral health care.  Consistent with Marquette University

       traditions and values, the school recruits and educates a

       diverse student body, fosters personal and professional

       excellence and promotes leadership expressed in service

       to others.