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Research Career Fields/Occupations
Research Organizations
Research Post Graduate Service Organizations
Research Programs and Schools

Research Career Fields/Occupations


  1. Learn what kinds of skills are required for your field of interest


  1. O*Net Center is your tool for career exploration and job analysis! Browse groups of similar occupations. Choose from industry, field of work, science area, and more. Focus on occupations that use a specific tool or software. Explore occupations that need your skills.
  2. For hundreds of different types of jobs the Occupational Outlook Handbook tells you:
    1. The training and education needed
    2. Earnings
    3. Expected job prospects
    4. What workers do on the job
    5. Working conditions
  3. CareerOneStop is:
    1. Your pathway to career success.
    2. Tools to help job seekers, students, businesses, and career professionals
    3. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor
  4. Career Info Net is an effective and efficient way to find wages and employment trends, occupational requirements, state by state labor market conditions.

Research Organizations


  1. Every employer expects you to know how to do research as a result of your education. Therefore, it is expected that you know as much as possible about his/her company. Research coupled with being able to ask pertinent questions and discuss the organization and field with some degree of familiarity will reflect your ability to be a self-starter.


This is a good list of resources for researching employers

    Reference USA
    Reference USA is a database of 12 million companies and organizations. It is searchable by geographic location, SIC codes, company size, etc.
    - Access Reference USA
    - Additional Information on: Reference USA

    Book of Lists
    Access the most comprehensive coverage of local business news and information from major metropolitan cities across the country with American City Business Journals. Each business journal contains local leads that can provide job seekers with the opportunities they need to start or change careers.

    Digital Editions: Exact digital replicas of the weekly business journals, including all the lists and special publications. Read them online, or print/download selected pages . . . it’s your choice.

    Digital Book of Lists: Our most popular business resource containing the names and contact information of hundreds of rank-ordered companies.

    Unlimited Access to the Online Story Archive: Search 10+ years of business journal articles in HTML format.

    - Access Book of Lists

    The Riley Guide: Target and Research
    A compilation of sites designed for employer and company research. Includes business and non-profit directories, business rankings, financial and stock market sites, and more.
    -Access The Riley Guide: Research and Target Employers

  1. Areas you could research include:
    1. History of the organization
    2. Types of products/services offered
    3. Reputation
    4. Locations
    5. Size and organizational structure
    6. Financial stability
    7. Philosophy
    8. Prospects for growth or change
    9. Major competitors
    10. Promotional activities
    11. Current industry trends/issues
    12. Mission and vision of the organization

Research Post Graduate Service Organizations

  1. Non-Profit/Service Resources

Research Programs and Schools


  1. Apply to nine institutions (programs)
    1. Three "safe" schools: a program that you will almost certainly get into because your test scores, GPA, and grades are well above average when you look at the program's profile.
    2. Three "reach" schools: a program that you have a chance of getting into, but your test scores, GPA, and grades are a bit on the low side when you look at the program's profile.
    3. Three "match" schools: a program that you are pretty likely to get into because your test scores, GPA, and grades fall right into the middle range when you look at the program's profile.


  1. Set a plan with deadlines
  2. Choose programs based on your Key Criteria
  3. Start the process in the spring of your junior year
  4. Graduate and Professional School Listings
  5. Visit to the Career Services Center's web page, graduate/professional school section, which contains programs like gradschools.com and petersons.com.