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Do you have to have an internship experience to be competitive in the job market?

You are competing with hundreds of job seekers for positions. Having hands-on career-related experience gives you the advantage over students without such valuable experience.

Underclass students:
Choosing an internship over your summer bartending position may leave you with less spending money, but the benefits of taking a lower paying or volunteer internship far outweigh the monetary loss for one summer. Gaining hand-on skills that employers seek will put you ahead of the competitors. Take the time to find an internship.

If you, for whatever reason, have not had an internship and are graduating, don't think of this as a mark against you. You may have been involved in opportunities that have allowed you to gain similar hands-on career related experience. Think about your classes. Have you been involved in research or projects? Pulling out the skills used and developed from these experiences might be a way to sell yourself. How about leadership or volunteer activities? Can you create a section on your resume highlighting the skills gained from those activities? Check out our Resume Examples or stop in to have a career intern help you with spicing up your resume. Career interns are available daily during our drop-in hours.

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