2015 Host Sites

The following have been confirmed as M.A.P. destinations for 2015.

Benton Harbor, MI - Readiness Center (6)
Founded in 1980, the Readiness Center helps families of Benton Harbor break the cycle of poverty by educating the entire family. The center provides a variety of educational opportunities for both parents and their school children. Volunteers will assist with the preschool programs as well as the center's other ministries.

Blackville, SC - Civic League (12)
In Blackville, SC, the city is working to assist the local summer camp with preparing for the upcoming camping season by cleaning up the camp. Volunteers would also work with the nursing home visiting with the elderly by playing games, talking about life experiences, etc. Blackville would like to send volunteers out into the neighborhoods and assist the elderly with minor repairs on their homes.

Canton, MS - MadCAAP (12)
Madison Countians Allied Against Poverty is a community agency dedicated to eradicating poverty in the town of Canton, MS and throughout Madison County. Typical projects working with MadCAAP include home repairs such as painting, installing siding and basic carpentry work. Participants typically spend time getting to know the home owners who live in poverty and may work alongside them on their home. This trip supplies hands-on education about the problem of extreme poverty in the United States and what one community is doing to combat it.

Chelsea, MI - Tantré Organic Farm (6)
Tantré Farm’s mission is to produce fresh, healthy foods for the local community, provide quality of life for the farmer, and sustain economic viability for the farm with care and respect for nature’s diversity. Expect this trip to be a little more physically challenging than others. Be prepared to live intentionally and live in community. Volunteers will work on the farm and live simply while gaining a better understanding of organic farming.

Chicago, IL - Mission of Our Lady of the Angels (12)
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels strives to bring hope to the neighborhood of West Humboldt Park. The Mission runs food pantries serving 700 families per month, an afterschool program for at risk youth and a Catholic resource center as well as senior citizen programs. Look forward to tutoring kids in grades 2-8, working and playing with children, working with the elderly, and serving meals. You may also help with cleaning, moving donations, and doing minor home repair or yard work.

Chicago, IL - Port Ministries (12)
Port Ministries serves in one of the poorest parts of the south side of Chicago. Port Ministries is a Catholic organization that serves the poor in mind, body, and spirit. You will work with people of the community in various experiences. These experiences will allow you to engage in conversation with the people of the neighborhood and also take a walk in their shoes. Students work with preschoolers and infants while their mothers take ESL classes. Students also deliver food in various parts of south Chicago straight into the hands that need food the most. The clinic often needs junior and/or senior medical students to assist in basic medical care. Some students also have the chance to visit a local nursing home and deliver communion. Port Ministries caters to the needs of the community, so students should expect to serve in a multitude of ways.

Cincinnati, OH - Little Sisters of the Poor - (7)
Little Sisters offers a home to elderly in need. M.A.P. participants work alongside volunteers and full-time staff to serve the elderly, sorting canned goods, and shelving donations.

Detroit, MI - Detroit Catholic Worker (6)
The Detroit Catholic Worker or Day House is in the inner city neighborhoods of Detroit, just a few blocks from Tiger Stadium. In the morning, students will help prepare and serve food at the soup kitchen. Some help may also be needed during the day to answer the phone or door, prepare meals, or clean the house. The rest of the time the group is free to help with any social justice activities at the house.

Enid, OK - Habitat for Humanity (18)
Enid, Oklahoma is home to about 50,000 people, and exhibits a strong sense of community that students will feel very much a part of. Students will work with the local Habitat chapter to build a house for an Enid, OK family. This may entail beginning work, such as framing, roofing, and siding the house, or later stages, such as painting and building flower beds. Usually, students are able to build the house alongside the family who will be living there.

Erie, PA - L’Arche Communities (4)
L’Arche communities attempt to build a normalized family environment for the mentally and physically disabled. Students will have the opportunity to live and work with the community members in a variety of capacities. Activities may include touring local malls or walking along the lake front with the wheelchair group, spending the day with community members, or going shopping with the elderly members of the community. Not a very physically challenging trip, yet emotionally, it will leave you exhausted at the end of the day. The group may be split up to live in different houses during the week, but will meet up each day for activities. In Erie, the activities may include assisting with daily activities (cooking, cleaning, etc.) and yard work.

Kansas City, MO - Kansas City Rescue Mission (6)
The Kansas City Rescue Mission works to empower the homeless in Kansas City by helping them break the cycle of poverty and addiction. Volunteers will help the Rescue Mission and those it serves by serving meals, helping with game nights, and working on building maintenance. You will have the opportunity to build relationships with those you serve.

Montgomery, AL - Resurrection Catholic Missions (6)
Located in the capital of Alabama, Resurrection Catholic Missions reaches out to the community around it. Some of the things that you may do here include assisting in the child care center, working in Resurrection Catholic School (tutoring, P.E., reading, etc.), assisting with the elderly outreach program, gardening, or assist with the addiction counseling program.

Moore, OK – Serve Moore (6)
After a devastating F5 tornado in May of 2013, the community is slowly rebuilding its infrastructure and housing. Serve Moore is a group of Churches that have organized community workers to help those who have not been helped yet. It’s focus is helping the poor rebuild with resources they may normally not have the money or the access to. Housing will be with a local church and work will be along-side a local community member.

Morrow, GA – City of Morrow, Civic League (12)
Morrow, a suburb of Atlanta, is a melting pot of culture (Asian, African American and many others) and human need. The group will volunteer for work projects sponsored by the City of Morrow to help them focus on specific needs related to community growth. Included in the week of service is a focus on the health component of justice for the poor. You can spend time in a community clinic learning about community health responses. This site is helpful for those planning on majoring in a health/medical major.

Nashville, TN – Smithson Craighead Academy – (12)
Smithson Craighead Academy is the first charter school in Nashville, serving approximately 260 children, grades k – 4. Our students help with tutoring within the school or other projects around the school, depending on whether school is in session during our week of break. If you like teaching and like young children, this is a great site to learn how this community is reaching out to the poor with this award winning service. Housing is with the Dominican Sister’s who work tirelessly with this community.

Oglala, SD – Pine Ridge Reservation (12)
The projects and immersion will be in connection with Our Lady of the Sioux Parish. Volunteers will be introduced into the culture, social justice issues, and the people of Oglala and Red Cloud Missionary system. The work will be specifically through Our Lady of the Sioux Parish in collaboration with the pastoral associate, who is an active member of the Oglala Sioux tribe.

Pulaski, VA - Beans and Rice, Inc. (12)
In a town outside of Roanoke, Virginia, the Beans and Rice Inc. works to better issues of hunger, after school programs, and working with the community to better the lives of those who live there. Students will be work in the community on odd jobs, helping out with food programs, and assisting the after school programs.

St. Louis, MO - De La Salle Middle School (6)
This is a Jesuit Parish which has been serving the African-American community of St. Louis for many years. People serving in this placement can expect to do nursing home visitation, youth programming and activities, home repair, and even gardening. You can be sure you will have good contacts with people in this needy, yet vibrant community.

Washington, DC - Fr. McKenna Center (12)
Expect to be immersed in the urban poverty issues that are part of everyday life in Ward 6. Volunteers will be introduced into the economic and social justice issues, and the homeless men of Washington D.C. Those placed at this site will work with the homeless through meal programs and other service work the center needs.


Campus Ministry

The office of Campus Ministry is located in room 236 of the Alumni Memorial Union. A dedicated staff is available throughout the day to provide you with a wealth of information. If you are searching for a worship space, they can help you find a suitable space on or off campus. They can also inform you of the many service opportunities we offer. Read More ...