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A note from the director, Mary Sue Callan-Farley

Welcome to Marquette University!

Upon finishing up my first year in Milwaukee, I can empathize with you about being in a new place far from all that is familiar. I am still learning names and locations of offices and buildings. However, I can assure you Marquette offers many opportunities for learning, adventure, and friendship. I have witnessed shared hope and faith in the many endeavors of Marquette students: worship, service, immersion abroad, retreat, reflection, advocacy for justice. In times of transition, we all need encouragement and the good will of friends and colleagues to thrive. Campus Ministry is one of the places you can look for support. Staff and student ministers are remarkable people. We are very excited to welcome you to our programs, sacred spaces, and good conversations.

Immersion in a Catholic Jesuit university inspires us to give praise for God’s goodness and motivates us to use our gifts in service with others. We are also invited to meet people of different faiths to understand one another as friends and companions. Members of the Marquette community frequently decide to step out of their routine to do more, to be better or kinder. They often welcome someone new to join an effort at hand. I know this is daunting to think about when you don’t even have a “routine” yet and want to make wise choices about your time and relationships. Just know that you don’t have to be different than who you are to “be the difference.”

The questions you hold, who you are, and how you know God are important to us. So from wherever you come, I hope you find your way to Campus Ministry. We look forward to meeting you!

Mary Sue Callan-Farley

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