A Marquette MBA

In an effort to continuously improve and meet the changing needs of the market, the Marquette University Graduate School of Management turned to leading employers, alumni, current students and faculty to gain keen insight into how to deliver a premier MBA education that is relevant to organizations in today’s ever-shifting business landscape.

Our new curriculum covers all functional areas of business while placing a unique emphasis on business literacy, strategy and leadership. New options allow students to customize the program to fit their needs while creating a more efficient path to graduation. We recognize that time is a limited resource, so we built an MBA program that is streamlined through integration, allowing you to complete the program faster.

Of course we kept the best fundamentals of a world-class MBA program: a practical education with business career application in each and every class. International experiences that meet the needs of working professionals that add an entirely new dimension to the notion of global learning. We listened and made something great into something spectacular. Count on doing the same thing for yourself when you begin your MBA at Marquette University.

Marquette's MBA courses are offered in two locations: Downtown and Kohler. To find out more about our programs and how they will help you accomplish your career goals:

Comparison of MBA program options


Executive MBA

Part-time MBA

Class Location

Milwaukee campus

Milwaukee campus

Class Times

Saturday, 7:45 a.m. - 5 p.m. every other weekend; three periods of residency.

One night a week or on Saturdays

Class type

Cohort class- enter as a group and stay as a group. Typically 15-22 students,  Maximum of 25.

Average class size: 24


Hybrid/blended. 40% offered online with 60% face-to-face

Most classes are offered face-to-face, but we offer classes online or in a blended format occasionally.

Schedule design

Lockstep - everyone takes the same classes as a group

Flexible class schedule- students pick which classes and how many each term.

Length of program

17 months

Average completion: 2 years. Full-time students can finish in 1.5 years

Curriculum design

Pre-defined curriculum

Individualized schedule


Team-based program

Individually based; many classes have team components


Executive MBA

Part-time MBA

Total Credits

Approximately 50 credits

33-39 credits, depending on undergraduate background



$72,000 for class of 2018; All-inclusive tuition covers all credits, textbooks & materials, international trip including airfare, single occupancy hotel, most meals, a tablet computer that you keep, parking, all meals on class days, optional hotel during immersion week, and all fees.

$1,100 per credit for 2017-2018; cost may increase yearly; about $36,000-$43,000 at current tuition, plus textbooks at about $175 – 200 per class