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Why choose a major in the Biological Sciences for your health-care career?

Broaden your perspective. The Biological Sciences are diverse, and with a major in the Biological Sciences, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the scope of the discipline.

Learn by doing. With our unique stand-alone lab courses, you’ll get to learn science hands-on with personal attention from our faculty. Your laboratory opportunities will be unique in their breadth and depth of science studied– experiences held in high regard by medical schools.

Medicine is based in research. By understanding how research is conducted, and by participating in it, you’ll be ahead of your peers. You’ll have opportunities to participate in independent research courses in faculty labs, and conduct research in our 10-week summer program.

Think critically and communicate effectively. A liberal arts background teaches you to problem-solve, as well as how to convey complex ideas to your audience –skills that will take you far in the health professions.

Understand how systems work. In our classes you’ll learn how to understand and think through biological concepts, instead of just memorizing them, which will help you retain knowledge.

Study what interests you. The best way to do well in your classes is to take an involved interest in them. With three majors to choose from, and a wide range of courses to offered, you’ll find your personal niche. By taking classes you enjoy, studying becomes a choice rather than a chore.

Medical school prep year by year:

Medical schools encourage undergraduates to pursue a broad liberal arts education with a strong basic science foundation - hallmarks of our program
Freshmen year

academics, volunteer work


Sophomore year:

academics, research, volunteer work


Junior year

academics, research, volunteer work, study abroad, MCAT exam, AMACS application, alternate plans


Senior year academics, research, volunteer work, interviews, alternate plans
Most medical schools require one year each of general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and physics. All courses must have laboratory components.


Pre-Dental Scholars Program

For students interested in dentistry, Marquette has developed the Pre-dental Scholars Program, an accelerated program for students to receive the benefits of a liberal arts education while enjoying conditional acceptance to Marquette's School of Dentistry. Pre-dental Scholars complete a bachelor's degree and a dental degree in seven years rather than the eight years normally required.

Marquette enrolls a maximum of 10 students each year in the Pre-dental Scholars Program. Pre-dental Scholars immediately receive conditional acceptance to the School of Dentistry, the only dental school in Wisconsin. By fulfilling the requirements to remain in the program, Pre-dental Scholars are guaranteed full acceptance to the School of Dentistry by the end of their junior year.


Majors for Pre-Health in the Department of Biological Sciences

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Work with them as they explore gene regulations, chemical signaling between cells and the structure of molecular motors — all using the latest techniques involving recombinant DNA, protein electrophoresis and bioinformatics.


Biological Sciences

One of the strengths of the biological sciences major is its flexibility. With courses and hands-on experimental labs including molecular biology, system physiology, ecology, plant biology and microbiology, you’ll be able to customize your studies to what really interests you.


Physiological Sciences

Undergraduates at other major universities can only dream about the courses you'll take as an undergraduate: neurobiology, human physiology and experimental vertebrate anatomy and development. Physiology is the foundation of the medical sciences, so this major is excellent preparation for medical school or other health-related professional schools.


With a major from the Department of Biological Sciences, you’ll be well prepared for medical school requirements. Ready to declare? Stop by the biological sciences department office (WLS 109) to make it official. You’ll be assigned an advisor who will knowledgably guide you in tailoring the courses you need to suit your interests.


More Information

Find our more about the pre-med and pre-dental programs in the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, and your options in pre-medicine.


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