For decades, Marquette University has been formally preparing students for careers in professional fields. The Office of Pre-professional Studies is ready to help you find your place among the thousands of Marquette alum doctors, lawyers, dentists and other professionals throughout the United States and the world. 

A recommendation service is available to all Marquette students. You can request that we collect and send letters of recommendation to the medical and dental schools you're interested in. Requests for letters of recommendation should begin during the second semester of your junior year.  Please schedule an appointment with the pre-health professions advisor located in Sensenbrenner Hall, Suite 005 to learn more about the application process.   

Scholars programs in law and dentistry

The Klingler College of Arts and Sciences also offers accelerated programs in law and dentistry for students who are confident that they want to pursue a career in these fields.

Make an appointment

Soon after you arrive on campus as a first-year student, make an appointment to meet with one of our pre-professional advisers or stop in to visit; we are located in Sensenbrenner Hall, Suite 005.


Important note to all students

Pre-law, Pre-med and Pre-dent are NOT majors. They are simply a declaration of an intent to pursue professional school. Students must follow the requirements of the major of their choice, making sure that they also take the courses required for admission to the professional school to which they apply.

If you check the pre-law, pre-med or pre-dental box on the Undergraduate Application for Admission, it may help us get you more information about pre-professional resources at Marquette. It does not have any bearing on your admission to Marquette University.

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