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Marquette University Alumni Reunion Weekend

20-year reunion: Class of 1994

Friday Night Party: Class of 1994

7 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
Iron Horse Hotel, 500 West Florida Street

Make a gift in honor of your 20-year reunion

Let’s do something special in honor of our reunion and present Marquette with a gift that truly embodies our pride and love of this university by helping current and future students. Visit the reunion giving page for more information and to make your gift!


Annual Fund goal: $65,000

Annual Fund to date: $48,568

Participation goal: 200 donors

Participation to date: 145 donors

Updated 4/15/14

Alumni volunteers

Elizabeth (Giraud) Bullock, Arts
Kathryn (Panka) Campbell, Bus Ad
Paula Conrad, Arts
Scott Corbitt, Arts
Elizabeth Crivello-Wagner, Comm
Jenna (Schreiber) Greene, Bus Ad
Sarah Guernsey, Arts
Kara Haas, Arts
Amy (Perlik) Healy, Arts
Paul Hramiec, Arts
Erin (Beirne) Keigher, Comm
Jennifer Mackovjak, Arts
Christopher McArdle, Bus Ad
Michael McCarthy, Bus Ad
Kenneth McMahon, Comm
Anne Stevens, Comm
Sheila (McGinn) Taphorn, Comm

Reunion Volunteer Information

Members of the '94 Reunion Committee have created a Facebook group. Join today.

Questions? Please call the Alumni Association at (800) 344-7544.


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