Marquette Hall
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University Academic Senate (UAS) Executive Committee      
Chair UAS   Dr. Cheryl Maranto Business Administration
Co-Chair UAS   Dr. Daniel Myers Provost
Vice-Chair UAS   Dr. Michelle Mynlieff Arts and Sciences
Secretary UAS   Mrs. Mary Jo Wiemiller Health Science
Dean Representatives   Ms. Janice Welburn Libraries
UAS representative   Mr. Bruce Boyden Law
UAS Representative   Dr. Julia Azari Arts and Sciences
Faculty Council   Mr. Kurt Gering
Business Administration
Chairs of Standing Committees  
Faculty Hearing Committee   Mr. Bruce Boyden
Committee on Diversity and Equity   Dr. Jean Grow Communication
University Board of Undergraduate Studies     Arts and Sciences
University Board of Graduate Studies   Dr. Allison Abbott
Arts and Sciences
Members of the Senate by the electing division or department

Elected At Large by Department:

  Dr. Paul Noltte Arts and Sciences
    Dr. Julia Azari Arts and Sciences
    Dr. Anne Pasero Arts and Sciences
    Dr. Todd Hernandez Arts and Sciences
    Mrs. Mary Jo Wiemiller Health Sciences
    Mr. Kurt Gering Business Administration

Klingler College of Arts and Sciences:

Dr. Susan Wood
Dr. Wanda Zemler-Cizewski

Dr. Kim Factor
  Dr. Michelle Mynlieff

College of Business Administration :

Dr. Cheryl Maranto
  Dr. Jennica Webster

Diederich College of Communication :

Dr. Ana Garner
  Dr. Sumana Chattopadhyay

School of Dentistry:

Dr. Brian Hodgson
  Dr. Arndt Guentsch

College of Education:

Dr. Doris Walker Dalhouse
  Dr. Timothy Melchert

College of Engineering:

Dr. James Richie
  Dr. Joseph Domblesky

College of Health Sciences:

Mr. Patrick Loftis
  Dr. Kristof Kipp

Law School:

Dr. David Papke
  Prof. Bruce Boyden

College of Nursing:

Dr. Marilyn Frenn
  Dr. Abir Bekhet

Academic Librarians' Assembly:

Ms. Jean Zanoni

Part-time faculty elected-at-large:

Dr. Therese Novotny
MUSG contacts Ms. Iman Ajaz
  Ms. Alyssa Goodwillie
Professional /Graduate School Student: Ms. Mellissa Meyer-Warlow