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Health Resources

You will be encountering many physical and environmental changes while abroad. If you plan ahead and take preventative measures and precautions, you can reduce the risks of unfavorable health consequences. If you will have specific health care needs while abroad, you should share this information with the study abroad coordinators and your study abroad program. They can help you access care and services while you are abroad and alert you to differences in care and services in your host country.

Safety Resources

Safety abroad is of great concern for many students, parents, faculty and staff. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say with 100 percent certainty if a particular location is safe or unsafe. When living in a new city or traveling to a new city or country, we advise you to take the following personal safety precautions.

Worldwide health and safety information:


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OIE works to promote the internationalization of Marquette University by recruiting and advising international students and scholars, developing vibrant partnerships with international institutions and providing innovative study abroad opportunities.
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