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To better safeguard Marquette students studying abroad, OIE adopted a comprehensive insurance package, mandatory for all students studying abroad with academic programs or traveling overseas in conjunction with Marquette academic course work. The insurance is offered through HTH Worldwide, a leading study abroad insurance provider.

The mandatory insurance plan covers accidents and medical expenses up to $500,000 with no network limitations. Brochures detailing the provisions under the Marquette policy can be obtained at the Office of International Education, or downloaded.

OIE facilitates all student enrollments in HTH. The cost is $38 per calendar month. Charges for the length of a student's program will be posted to the student's Marquette bursar account. Students who would like to extend their coverage pre- or post-program should visit HTH Worldwide's website to do so. Note that the price and coverage of the pre- and/or post-program insurance will vary from that of the Marquette plan.

Visit the HTH Worldwide Member website ( to:

Download the HTH Worldwide User Guide for instructions.

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OIE works to promote the internationalization of Marquette University by recruiting and advising international students and scholars, developing vibrant partnerships with international institutions and providing innovative study abroad opportunities.
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